About a year ago, I mixed up this coconut-flour based pumpkin bread. It was good. Really good. Especially after a day in the fridge for everything to meld together. But this morning when I wanted to make some pumpkin bread, I didn’t feel like getting out a recipe (yes, I use my own blog like a cookbook and look things up all the time) or really doing much measuring. I wanted to use one bowl and just mix things until it seemed right.

Lucky for you, I was paying attention. And lucky for me too, because I will definitely want to make this version again. And soon.

It worked perfectly. And the bread is delicious right out of the oven (well, I let it cool for a few minutes). It holds together well and it’s moist. I have some butter softening on the counter now, so I can spread some on a slice this evening. If there is a slice left. I think Anneliese has eaten 3 pieces on her own, and I’ve eaten several too. More than half is gone already.

You could add nuts or dried fruit or chocolate chips, or crumble topping or anything you want. I left mine “naked” so that I could share with Anneliese.

Get to the point, right?

Primal Pumpkin Bread


  • 1 cup almond butter (another nut butter can be substituted, but I used almond)
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1/3-1/2 cup pumpkin puree
  • 4 Tbsp melted butter
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • Generous sprinkling of cinnamon
  • Another generous sprinkling of pumpkin pie spice blend (or you could do your favorite combo/ratio of spices)
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 2 tsp lemon juice
  • butter for the loaf pan



  1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. In a stand mixer, or with a handheld electric mixer, combine all ingredients except for lemon juice.
  3. Add lemon juice last and don’t overmix at that point.
  4. Optional – at this point, fold in any dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, or other “add-ins” you would like.
  5. Butter a medium loaf pan and pour the batter in.
  6. Bake about 45 minutes or until the loaf passes the “toothpick test” (a toothpick inserted near the center will come out clean).
  7. Let it cool for a few minutes, then slice and eat.


51 Comments on Grain-Free Gluten-Free Primal Pumpkin Bread

  1. Minnie says:

    OmG! Love this recipe! changed it up a little with what I had on hand, dates instead of honey & sunflower butter, and made it in the crock pot to free up the oven. wow, super tasty goodness!

  2. Amber says:

    Just made this recipe today! The texture right out of the oven is perfect. Moist and not mealy or crumbly. However, it isn’t the sweet dessert pumpkin bread I was craving. Texture is so great though, I’m going to try again and increase the sweetener. Maybe a little brown sugar? This recipe is great for an everyday snacking bread but not so much a dessert. (Course we’re making do by slathering it with honey and apple butter!)

  3. Sabrina says:

    I jut made this recipe, except I forgot the lemon juice- it still came out great! I made muffins instead of a bread, and they are fantastic! I’m new to your blog, but I’m an Air Force spouse myself, and I’m really enjoying it. As a new mom, I know how hectic things can get, so keep up the blogging!

  4. Megan says:

    I made this last night and it was FANTASTIC! Nearly half is gone after breakfast this morning. I subbed in maple syrup and then made a maple syrup sweetened cinnamon infused cream cheese spread to put on top. Thank you for sharing!!

  5. beccaeve says:

    I just made this. It’s amazing! I was so excited to find this recipe. I’m new to eating primal, but I love baking. I’m allergic to nuts and coconut so that eliminates most primal baked goods.

    Instead of almond butter, I used homemade Pumpkin Seed Butter! That way it’s nut-free (but doesn’t turn green like sunbutter). Next time I’d like to try maple syrup for a more fall-infused flavor, but it’s delicious just as it is.

  6. Jessica says:

    I’ve made this a couple of times over the last week and I LOVE it! It’s the perfect primal/paleo breakfast solution for this girl 🙂 I added a tsp of vanilla and a pinch of salt, but other than that followed the recipe. This last time I made a cream cheese frosting (cream cheese, splash of half and half and some maple syrup) and it was soooo yummy! Thanks for the great recipes, I’ve got the coconut raisin cookies in the oven now 🙂

  7. Catherine says:

    I just made this but I didn’t have any almonds, so I threw a bag of hazelnuts into the Vitamix and made hazelnut butter. I also used maple syrup instead of honey and added semi-sweet mini chocolate chips. Other than that, I kept your recipe intact. Well it was absolutely delicious! I took to a friend’s house and everyone loved it and couldn’t believe it consists of pretty much just nuts, eggs, butter, and pumpkin. 🙂
    I am going to make some more today but I am out of hazelnuts too now so I will try walnuts. 😀

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    […] for homemade pumpkin spice syrup. I am definitely trying this. I also stumbled across a recipe for grain-free, gluten free “primal” pumpkin bread. While I am not grain free, gluten free, or primal, the bread looks interesting and I may give it a […]

  9. Sara Horton says:

    However what do yoi think of using peanut butter? Do you suppose it would work in this recipe? I also substituted that low cal PB2 peanut butter/& 1/2 walden farms 0 cal “peanut butter” & it still worked!!

    • Michelle O says:

      Just popped mine in the oven, hopefully this will give my hubby something to snack on at work, since chow-hall fare does not offer the best primal-friendly fare

  10. Jill says:

    I wonder if you could use other things instead of pumpkin…pear puree? Banana? Have you experimented with different things?

  11. Sarah says:

    This was UH-mazing! I used 1/2 c raw sugar free almond butter and 1/2 c raw coconut butter, since that was all I had. Also threw in chocolate chips for a special treat. Thank you so much for this recipe!

  12. Jennifer says:

    Fantastic recipe! It is amazing! Thanks!

  13. Robyn says:

    Genius!!!! Made it last night. Very good! I like that this recipe provides an option to not use nut flour which adds calories. I also substituted that low cal PB2 peanut butter/& 1/2 walden farms 0 cal “peanut butter” & it still worked!! Thanks!

  14. Girly says:

    Wow, it seems really nice. However what do yoi think of using peanut butter? Do you think that it is with less calories?

  15. Pumpkin Bread | Gluten Free Cooking says:

    […] I found I had some left over pumpkin puree. Recently I had come across another delicious bread on Joyful Abode. It was delicious. I didn’t make any changes to Emily’s recipe so hop over to […]

  16. Deana says:

    I added some vanilla extract and chocolate chips and put it in a almond pie crust. It came out amazing and so good for you too! 🙂

  17. YUM! I can’t wait to try this.

  18. Tina M. says:

    I found your blog by doing a search on “grain free baking”, and I wound up making this recipe. I used stevia instead of honey, and I replaced the butter with virgin coconut oil, but otherwise I made it the way you said to. It was FANtastic!
    It is a tradition that I make banana bread when my husband and I go on road trips, and because I have stopped eating grains, I was sad to miss out (we just went on the road). Anyway, by making this, I was able to have my treat as well. Oh! I did add carob chips and dried wild blueberries. Super yummy! I look forward to checking out more of your recipes.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Having a slice of this right now. YUM. Does it ever weird you out that someone across the country is making YOUR original recipe just days after you put it together? 🙂

    Anyway, this was my first grain free baking experience, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I am really impressed. It was spongier than I had expected, but it’s obviously going to be because of the eggs and no flour… but it wasn’t bad spongy – just new for me. My 11 month old LOVES it. He had a big slice and some homemade warm applesauce for a snack a bit ago. Gonna pass on this link.

  20. Julia says:

    I tried this last night with peanut butter and it doesn’t really taste like pumpkin. Still good, but next time I’ll try with almond butter.

  21. Jennifer says:

    I’m baking this right now! We are going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow I’m going to make this bread French toast for breakfast. I can’t wait to taste it!

  22. Tara says:

    This looks delicious!!! The local coffee place has pumpkin spice lattes and my husband got one. It smelled so good and I have been craving something pumpkin since…. Can’t wait to try it!

  23. Michelle says:

    Oh this looks wonderful, will definetly try! I’ve made your recipe for coconut/flax bread and loved it warmed with butter. Look forward to trying more of your recipes.

  24. Amandabryce says:

    I so wanted to make this today so I went to trader joes to pick up some pumpkin purée (cause the guy on the phone said they had some), and they didn’t have any… So currently in my oven I have an apple/almond butter thing going on. We’ll see how it turns out 🙂

    • Joyful Abode says:

      How did it go? that sounds SO good.

      • Amandabryce says:

        It actually came out really good! I threw in some diced apple at the end, but it all sank to the bottom, still tasty though. My top also burned and bubbled a little bit, but it wasn’t bad, and I don’t think I was overcooking it either, the inside was nice and moist. Thanks for the recipe, I’m going to have to try it again when I get my hands on some pumpkin puree 🙂

  25. rilly says:

    There’s no coconunt flour in the actual ingredients list unless i missed it somewhere

  26. Sarah M. says:

    I think I will have to add pumpkin to my grocery list and give this a try! 🙂

  27. Allison says:

    Have you ever tried the xlitol honey? Do you suppose it would work in this recipe? Would you ever use it if you wanted to lower the carb content?

  28. Rebecca says:

    Could you use sunflower seed butter? I am allergic to nuts.

    • Joyful Abode says:

      You probably can though I’ve never used it. I’ve heard from other people that they’ve subbed sunbutter for almond butter in my recipes with success, but sometimes the baked goods turn green. It’s just a chemical thing that happens when the sunbutter is cooked and the flavor isn’t affected.

      Try it and let me know how it goes!

  29. Mommy says:

    Just peanut butter, (which I am assuming I can use), pumpkin, aand eggs and baking soda??? I have to try this…

  30. Cori says:

    Not bad, but a wierd spongy texture. Maybe a 7 out of 10.

    • Joyful Abode says:

      well yeah, the spongeyness is going to happen because it’s an egg-based bread and not a gluten bread. Other breads like almond-flour ones are often really dense… so I don’t mind a bit of egg-spongey-ness to have some fluffiness without gluten/grains.

      Some gluten-free (not grain-free) breads can approximate the “right” bread texture by using things like corn and rice flours along with xanthum gum and all that stuff… but I’m not interested in that type of baking because 1) it seems like a chemistry experiment more than food, and 2) it gets away from the nutrient-dense ingredients I prefer.

      But you could definitely look up a version like that if you want a more “normal” bread texture.

      Or just eat this one and pretend it is french toast or something.

  31. cindi says:

    i thought this was a coconut bread? where is it? did that get forgotten or did it work without it? I want to try it but don’t want to goof. Pumpkin is sounding so good.

  32. Mary says:

    Wow, this is an awesome recipe. From the look of the slice, I would have sworn there was at least some coconut flower in there! I’ll have to do some calculating but this might just be the perfect answer to my “no white flour/low carb” diet.

  33. Elizabeth says:

    I am SO excited to see this recipe today. I was dreaming this morning of all things pumpkin… I have a question about the honey, though. Did you start giving Annelise food with honey in it right after she turned one? I’ve been waiting until my little guy turns 1 (in two weeks), but I keep wondering if I should wait even longer. I keep thinking, “How is one the magic number? Would it harm him if I gave it to him at 11.5 months? Should I wait til 18 months?” etc.. Anyway, just curious about your thoughts on it since your daughter isn’t THAT much older than 1.

    • Joyful Abode says:

      Her first “on purpose” honey was in her birthday cupcakes. I didn’t worry about it and she was fine. It’s not like honey WILL make babies sick… it’s just that if your honey happens to carry botulism it could make them REALLY sick and possibly die if they are really young. But how often do people/babies get botulism from honey?

      So we avoided it for the first year and then really don’t worry about it now…

  34. taratootie says:

    The timing on this is perfect! Here in FL no one understands my pumpkin craving.

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