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When the overnight temperatures warm up just a little bit more, my kids' Montessori school is going to plant their community garden. Students, teachers, parents, and siblings will all participate.

I'm hoping I can attend (the date was moved indefinitely, so I'm not sure when it will be) so that I can watch my little ones' proud shining faces as they dig in the dirt, plant their seeds, water the soil, all while their skin is warmed by the spring sunshine. And so that I can work the soil beside them. 

All summer, they'll watch their gardens grow, knowing they are the ones caring for the seedlings, and later on for the mature plants. They'll carefully weed any intruders to make room for strong roots, and they'll feed and water their precious green things, knowing that every action they take in their garden is important and worthwhile.

I cannot wait to see the changes in their faces as their self-esteem grows along with their plants.

And to kiss their chubby little hands with soil-creased knuckles and black beneath their nails. 

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