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Handmade Christmas–Part 6: Coloring Wallets

I decided to make a few of these little travel coloring clutches for Anneliese and some of her toddler friends. I thought they would be easy to throw into a diaper bag or stroller to take along anywhere you might need a little distraction. A doctor’s appointment or a trip to the DMV or whatever.

It’s pretty compact. See?

And when you open it up, there are slots for 8 mini colored pencils (which I got at Michael’s) or crayons.

The other side is one big pocket for storing coloring pages. I drew my own, scanned them in and printed them 4-to-a-page. If you do a google image search for “coloring pages” though, you’ll find lots of line drawings you can print out the same way. Simple!

The fabric I used is cotton flannel, and I fused together two pieces with Pellon Wonder Under, which is an iron-on fusible web.

I trimmed the short ends of the rectangle with pinking shears, then folded in the sides and ironed firmly, folded the whole thing in half and ironed the center crease.

A line of stitches 1/4” in from each of the longer sides, and I trimmed those sides with my pinking shears too.

After that, 7 more lines of stitching on the crayon/pencil side (evenly spaced of course), and the coloring wallet is ready for filling!

Ready for on-the-go coloring or gift-giving!

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