January 20th 2010
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Look at what I got yesterday! My very first CSA basket from Family Farm Fresh. It was very exciting to open it!

They deliver to Hanford each Tuesday, and bring the basket full of produce from local farmers right to your front door. It comes like this, with a newsletter clipped to it. In the newsletter there are recipe ideas, instructions for how to store the specific fruits and veggies in your basket that week, how to know when things are ripe, and information about less-common items so you’re not completely blind.

This week we got all sorts of goodies – fennel (which I HATE but have always heard that if you prepare the bulb part a certain way it can be mild and delicious even to people who hate it, so I can’t wait to try it!), green onions, naval oranges and mandarins, a tiny lemon, 2 pears, 2 avocados, lettuce, collards, and cauliflower.

One of the pears had a tiny spot of mold, and one of the avocados was overripe so I called the “hotline” to let them know and they told me they’d be sending a new pear and avocado to me today! How exciting! I just thought maybe they’d put an extra item in my basket for next week or something but this is even better.

I quickly chowed down on this mandarin… it was so juicy that I had to bite over a napkin or risk looking like I’d had an accident. The flavor was super-intense, and just look at the color! Doesn’t it look just like FAKE oranges or candy or something? But so real and so good.

I’m not sure yet what we will use everything for… we had planned our weekly menu based on what the newsletter on their website said would be “expected” in this week’s basket. Evidently that won’t work for the future – we expected sweet potatoes, baby bok choy, and turnips, none of which were in our basket.  We also did NOT expect cauliflower – and bought a head at the grocery store. So… we have 2 cauliflowers, no bok choy, turnips, or sweet potatoes. Sad!

Looks like from now on we’ll have to wait till Tuesday CSA deliveries BEFORE we plan out our week’s menu.

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