Dec 01 2008
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In June, we adopted Zora from the East Mississippi Animal Rescue.
Zora - Adoption day

This photo is dated in May, because we really adopted her in May, but then went out of town, so we took her home in June when we got back.

Since then, she’s been a wonderful companion and an excellent cuddler. It’s so fun to have such a close relationship with a member of a whole other species. This is really really nifty to me because I’ve never had a dog before, so I didn’t really “get it” when people talked about the dog/human bond… now I do.

We started training the day we got her, and after only 9 days, she had already learned so much.

Now she has a lot more in her repertoire. Of course sit, down, wait, stay, shake, roll over… but also drop it, leave it, heel, balance (something on her head/nose), high five, gimmie 10, wave, spin around, be a person (stand up), and her latest trick… bubbles.

For her birthday, she got a new mat/bed thing to hang out on, since we’re going to my parents’ house in a few weeks and she will need a soft non-couch place to be comfy on while we’re all in the living room. She also got her first-ever REAL BONE… I think it’s a beef bone; one of those sterilized hollow ones from the pet store. She’s been enjoying both quite thoroughly.
Happy 1st Birthday, Zora!

And her birthday treat was sent to her by her dear Aunti Meagan all the way in Massachusetts. Doggie cupcake! Yum-o.
I have to tell you Zora’s got this “wait” thing down pat. I put the cupcake in front of her, told her wait, took about 20 photos… started a video in which I sounded like a fool. After about 10 seconds of video, I said “okay” and she took it. But then I decided to start over with the video without my silly voice saying things like “It’s her birthday… we think.” haha.
So I told her “drop it”, she did, and we started over with “wait.”
She is a very patient dog if food hangs in the balance.

Happy birthday, Zora! We love you and we’re so glad you’re part of our family!


2 Comments on Happy Birthday, Zora!

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  2. tetramoon says:

    OMG!!! What an incredibly good dog! I anticipate getting a dog in the new year (have never had one before), so it’s good to know that bonding is relatively easy. It looks like you guys are doing a great job with her. The bubbles trick is unique, I love it! The birthday video is very cute, it looks as if she thinks she is getting away with something naughty, eating that cupcake!

    BTW, good idea with the related posts links, and I’m happy you got your site issues squared away with the tech support guy!


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