These egg rolls are crazy-easy to make, and definitely a crowd pleaser. I brought them to a  recipe swap and when I looked at the table a few minutes after everyone had started eating, they were GONE.

You’ll need:

  • egg roll wrappers
  • a bag of cole slaw mix
  • a can of mushrooms
  • 1 tsp garlic, minced
  • 1/4 tsp ground ginger
  • a splash of soy sauce
  • salt and pepper
  • cooking spray or olive oil in a mister (I use olive oil in a mister)


  • mung bean sprouts
  • can of tiny cooked shrimp
  • anything else you think would be good inside of the egg rolls

homemade egg rolls

1. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Put your cole slaw in a large microwave-safe bowl, cover, and microwave 3-6 minutes.

homemade egg rolls

2. Chop your mushrooms and put them in a mixing bowl. This is also when you’d put in the bean sprouts, shrimp, or other fillings.

homemade egg rolls

3.  Splash in some soy sauce.

homemade egg rolls

4. Add the garlic. I used a HEAPING teaspoon but I like garlic.

homemade egg rolls

5. And sprinkle in the ginger.

homemade egg rolls

6. By now your cole slaw mix should be cooked. Drain it to get out any excess liquid as no one likes a soggy egg roll.

homemade egg rolls

7. Then combine the cole slaw mix with the rest of the ingredients.

homemade egg rolls

8. Place a bit of filling in the center of each wrapper. (See that little bowl? That has water in it, which you’ll need for sealing the edges.)

homemade egg rolls

9.Fold in two of the corners.

homemade egg rolls

10. Put a bit of water on the top edges with your finger. Fold up the bottom, and roll as tightly as you can to the edge.

homemade egg rolls

11. It helps if you sort of tuck it as you are rolling.

homemade egg rolls

12. Voila!

homemade egg rolls

13. Repeat for the rest of the wrappers, and place the egg rolls on a baking sheet sprayed with non-stick spray or olive oil (mmm… olive oil). Spray the tops of the egg rolls with the oil, too.

homemade egg rolls

14. Bake 15 minutes, then flip the egg rolls over and bake an additional 10-15 minutes. Let cool slightly before serving (this will let the wrappers get a little more crisp too).

homemade egg rolls

15. Serve with soy sauce mixed with rice vinegar for dipping, or your favorite dipping sauce (spicy mustard? duck sauce?).

homemade egg rolls

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Angela (1 comments)

Just tried these and it did not work out for my family and I. The egg rolls has a stale crisp and my family did not like it :( the flavors were great though. Maybe it was the type of egg roll wrap that I used? Can anyone recommend a brand of egg roll wraps that worked out for them?

Zenee Miller (1 comments)

Can’t wait to try these! They look amazing! Yummo!

Megan (1 comments)

I don’t like mushrooms how do they do it with pork just chop it up??

Ginger (1 comments)

do you what the carb content is?

katelin (1 comments)

Just wondering if these are good if they are prepared a head of time and then cooked the next day?

Emily Chapelle (376 comments)

I never put them in the fridge raw overnight… I always baked right away or froze for later. Let us know if you try it!

James (1 comments)

Made these tonight and they turned out great. I added a little bit of cooked pork that I reduced in a little orange juice and soy. Other than working on the rolling, they were great. Thanks.

Emily Chapelle (376 comments)

That’s awesome! Orange juice and soy pork sounds fantastic. You’re very welcome, and thanks for sharing yours with us.

Anjalene (1 comments)

How much filling do you put in the wrappers?

Emily Chapelle (376 comments)

Less than you’d think. haha. If you put too much, it’s really hard to roll them.. it’s kind of a trial and error thing. I liked to kind of squish the filling a bit so it was a little compressed too. Sorry I don’t have a measurement for how much.

Kelsey (1 comments)

These sound delicious! I have to ask (maybe I missed it) approximately how many egg rolls will this make? I want to make some for an international pot luck night with my mummy and me friends, but I want to make sure I bring enough!

Emily Chapelle (376 comments)

I think at least a dozen… you might want to double it for a big pot luck gathering. Have fun!

Judy (1 comments)

These sound GREAT….but I wish you had a printer friendly version so I didn’t have to write it out !!

Emily Chapelle (376 comments)

Aw so sorry. I’ve been trying to go back and make recipes printer friendly but it takes a lot of time!

Lee (1 comments)

Love this recipe.I did add more to it and I used shrimp :)

Tamika (1 comments)

These look amazing! Thanks for sharing because I cannot wait to try. Oh yeah… these pics are lovely.

Jenny (1 comments)

I sautéed fresh mushrooms instead of using canned, and dipped the rolls in sweet chili sauce – they were absolutely delicious! Thank you for sharing a healthy alternative to a food I normally avoid :-) Despite other posts about their egg rolls not getting crispy, mine turned out perfectly crispy on the first try. They don’t have the same crispy texture as a fried egg roll, but more like a thick kettle chip, with a harder crunch. I only had enough filling for 9 egg rolls, which is strange because they appeared to be the same size as the ones in the photos. So, I guess next time I will just double the recipe to use up all the shells :-)

Emily Chapelle (376 comments)

that sounds soooo good. great idea with the sweet chili sauce!

Ellen (1 comments)

Yum! I made the filling components one day and have assembled/cooked the eggrolls two separate times. Neither time could I get them to be really crispy, mostly hard. The filling is still delicious though and it’s worth the lack of crispiness to be able to eat eggrolls on WW. I combined a couple recipes/methods and added a little ground chicken. I dip them in a little bottled orange sauce mixed with some soy sauce. I have some leftovers in the freezer uncooked, a little filling in the freezer and several cooked ones in the fridge for another meal! With chicken, 4 of these baby’s are approximately 9 Weight Watchers Points!

AC (1 comments)

I want to try this recipe but I went to my local Asian Supermarket and they only have Spring Roll wrappers, does that work?

Aida (1 comments)

I only have spring roll wrappers. Can that be used?

Emily Chapelle (376 comments)

They’re very different, if you mean the almost-clear rice paper ones. Try this though – http://www.joyfulabode.com/bacon-lettuce-tomato-blt-summer-rollfresh-dinner/ it’s delicious. :)

Katlyn (1 comments)

This site definitely has all the information and facts I needed
concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

cRISTINA (1 comments)

Hi, I really want to try this baked version, but is there
an option for a printer-friendly copy as these will print
22 pages … yikes !! Don’t want to waste all that paper:)

Thank you !!


website (1 comments)

Hi, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility
issues. When I look at your blog site in Ie, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, terrific blog!

becky (1 comments)

I agree, this site doesn’t work in IE but works well using Chrome. I followed a hodgepodge of this recipe and another 2 and loved the filling but agree that baking vs frying does deliver a harder shell than the lovely crumbly greasy deep fried version but is still pretty good and you feel better about eating them.

frontier internet (1 comments)

Hi there, just became alert to your blog through Google,
and found that it’s truly informative. I’m going to watch out for brussels.
I will be grateful if you continue this in future.

Many people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

Susan Mundell (1 comments)

Made these today for the first time. Loved them I added sausage to them was great

Bridgette (1 comments)

I didn’t see a place for a printer friendly version. That would be great.

Vikki (1 comments)

I’ve made these probably 4 times now -the first batch, we ate within 10 minutes of them coming out of the oven. Now I make double/triple batches, bake them and flash freeze them on a cookie sheet. When they are frozen, I dump them into a couple gallon sized bags for the boys to grab out and microwave…better for you than pizza rolls any day!

I use chicken…cooked and diced teeny tiny. Rotisserie chicken works. I season the chicken with a bit of ginger powder and sesame oil (just a few drops – it’s really strong) before I mix it in with everything else. Oh – and yes you do need to let your filling cool before you fill them. Also you need to drain the coleslaw really well – I wrap it in a tea towel and wring it out over the sink.

They are a freezer staple for us – thanks for the great recipe!

Adrianne Watson (1 comments)

At what point do you freeze them? Can you explain “flash freeze”? I just have a freezer… are you using something else?

Emily Chapelle (376 comments)

just a freezer… just freeze on a cookie sheet with parchment paper, separate from each other, before you put it in a bag or something, so they won’t stick together.

Jen (2 comments)

I have frozen these before baking and they turn out great. Place the egg rolls on a baking sheet and freeze them. Once frozen you can transfer them to ziplock bags. When you want to serve, just pull them out of the freezer spray with oil and follow the baking steps.

Dy (1 comments)

I love baked eggrolls and have made them often. I believe you should let the filling cool before you put it in the wrapper. Hot filling causes steam and the wrapper becomes wet. That moisture doesn’t help the wrapper to crisp! No, these do not taste like fried, however they are a great, healthy alternative that really allow the filling flavors to come through. I usually use sprouts and canned chicken breast that I saute’ with the cabbage and seasonings.

MARLENE (2 comments)

i dont know where my first comment went but here we go again..i used a rack on a cookie sheet ..i cooked them extra cause they were hard in places but mostly soggy wrapper…i read reviews and made sure thing were dry…very tasty but wrappers did not crisp up at all…did anyone else have that problem?

Kim (1 comments)

For CRISPY eggrolls…I let my filling cool down before rolling them up and then brush olive oil around them after they are rolled… Bake on cookie sheet at 350 degrees, turn them 2-3 times until golden brown

MARLENE (2 comments)

i made the egg rolls i added chichen and bean sprouts..i used a rack on a cookie sheet and after at least 40 minutes the egg roll wrappers were not crispy…actually some parts were really hard and the rest was soggy…i read every review and made sure everything was dry…they are tasty but wrappers were terrible…

Lisa (2 comments)

Made these tonight and sorry to say but they were disgusting. The egg roll wrappers tasted and smelled awful..I’ll stick to takeout.
Advice: DO NOT cook coleslaw..use sprouts instead.

Lisa (2 comments)

Made these tonight and sorry to say but they were disgusting. The egg roll wrappers taste and smell awful. I’ll stick to take out.

Laura (1 comments)

Iam making them tonight and cannot wait! Does anyone know if you can freeze them before they are cooked. Would love to make extra for another day.

Jen (2 comments)

I have frozen these before baking and they turn out great. Place the egg rolls on a baking sheet and freeze them. Once frozen you can transfer them to ziplock bags. When you want to serve, just pull them out of the freezer spray with oil and follow the baking steps.

Tori (1 comments)

I am going to try these tonight with avocado and chicken! Ill post to let you know how they turn out

Lauen (1 comments)

This will be part of my vday dinner. Yum. Great directions.

Butterfly girl (1 comments)

I tried them and love,love,love them! Thanks for sharing

Nikki (1 comments)

Thank you for sharing this!! I have made these tonight I am just waiting for them to come out of the oven. I can’t wait to try them!!

born2shop425 (1 comments)

I’ve tried to bake them and can’t get them crispy. What temperature to set oven. Wraps still doughy after 30 mins on 350

Donna (1 comments)

If you use a baking rack on your baking sheet, it lets the air flow all around the egg rolls when baking and they get crisp all over.

gin (1 comments)

recipe says 375

Ashley (1 comments)

I am soo excited to try this out!! I love egg rolls and have not ate any since i stopped eating fried foods.

Dot (1 comments)

In the oven! Can hardly wait to try them naked…sp check…baked!

Tara (1 comments)

I love this. I used Chicken and the slaw mix. Love love love.

Cynthia (1 comments)

Thank you SO much for this recipe. My family loved them. I did add chicken and a couple of green onions. Believe me when I say that they were devoured in seconds. lol Thanks again for sharing. Here is my version: http://scrumptiouscyn.com/homemade-baked-egg-rolls/

Jo Jones (1 comments)

These look delicious. Can anyone tell me what egg wrappers are most like, please? (wonton wrappers, tortillas, crepes?)

Joyful abode (376 comments)

These are most like wonton wrappers , but bigger.

Taletta (1 comments)

Fantastic! Easy! And most of all healthy. Thanks for sharing!

Julie Bagamary (1 comments)

This looks yummy and easy. Thanks.

Stacie (1 comments)

Thank you for sharing this recipe! I love egg rolls. I was surprised at how crisp and delicious this baked version turned out. I am a big fan of make-ahead freezer meals. I assembled a large batch of the egg rolls and placed them in a large zip-lock plastic bag for freezing. This let me cook just the number of egg rolls needed for each meal or snack. From frozen, I bake the egg rolls in a 425 oven for 12 minutes then flip them over and bake for 10-12 minutes more.

Joann (1 comments)

I make egg rolls all the time but I fry them…I think I will try baking them. Less fat that way. I have never tried putting my coleslaw mix in the oven to cook it but will try….I have always used my wok. I just use coleslaw mix, onion, broccoli, carrots, bean sprouts, and baked a small chicken breast chopped real fine and soy sauce. We take chinese mustard and use water to make it thin for dipping.

Amy (1 comments)

Can you freeze these?

Lori TenHaken (2 comments)

So where can you find these egg roll wrappers?

Tamra (1 comments)

you can find egg roll wrappers in the produce section, usually near the tofu. I love making eggrolls.

Lori TenHaken (2 comments)

I could not find egg wrappers at the grocery. But, I found spring roll skins. They were a pain to use. You had to soak them in a pan of cool water for a couple of minutes. Then put them on damp towels. They stuck to each other and then fell apart in the oven. Wondering if the wrappers are the same way.

Joyful abode (376 comments)

No they are totally different.

SarahH (1 comments)

That doesn’t sound like the right way soften spring roll skins. Fill a pan with water, heat it on the stove just a little so the water is warm, completely submerge one skin at a a time for no more than 10 seconds. Too much time in the water and they fall apart.

maureen (1 comments)

The trick to using rice paper is use them with a soaking wet dish towel . use a pie plate with warm, water add 1 TBSP sugar ( makes them crispy)
do not have to soak papers. Just dip in the water and lay on wet dish towel. within seconds it will soft. co not let them touch or they will stick. I always use rice papers as they are not as thick as egg roll papers.

Juliette (1 comments)

I’m going to have to try this. I love egg rolls and they are so expensive to buy pre-made. This would definitely be healthier too! Thanks for this recipe! Someone shared it on FB and I’m so glad!

I really like the idea of making a big batch and freezing them so I can have them fast when I need to.

mea (1 comments)

This recipe looks easy to make and I am going to swap the coleslaw mix for bean sprouts. I grew up in an area that made their eggrolls with bean sprouts and not cabbage.

Jan (1 comments)

Finally……something that turns out & looks like the picture. So easy. I even had extra wrappers & used monzarella/broccoli/ham filling & made some extra……wonderful.

Sheryl (1 comments)

Wondering if you’ve made them and tried to freeze them? How they hold up? If you’re better off assembling them and flash freezing on pan and then store them in bag in freezer until wanting to cook 9and can bake in oven at that point? Or baking them and than freezing them and just reheat in microwave? I’m guessing the first would be better, but I didn’t know if anyone has tried to freeze them and how they held up to it?

sheila merrigan (1 comments)

freezing the rolls is fine, but you should not Microwave as this makes the wrappers tough.What a great idea to use packaged coleslaw, going to do that in future

Monique (1 comments)

Cant wait to try these and the rest of your recipes!!

Katie (1 comments)

This is the first recipe of many I’ve tied that I’ve liked enough to go leave a comment. These were better than takeout! I also was really surprised to find after calculating everything they came out to around 75 calories each. Now they *really* taste better than take out!

Gail (1 comments)

These are some seriously good, easy to make egg rolls! I made them as described but also added chopped chicken. They were amazing and a big hit. Thanks so much! I’m pretty sure they’ll be a staple around here from now on :)

GardenerGrammy (1 comments)

These look really good.
I use Simex Lumpia wrappers for my eggrolls and I wrap them twice. They are light and very crispy. I use to fry them. I am looking forward to baking them.
What temperature do I set the oven?

Laci (1 comments)

I just made these and they turned out fantastic. I followed the recipe exactly. YUM!

Amanda (1 comments)

Wow! Love these… made them twice now.. super easy and so super good!! I add some baby bella’s all chopped up (we love mushrooms)! May try some bulk sausage next time for my meat loving hub. Thanks for the recipe!

HanaBanana1 (1 comments)

Can I bake these and then freeze them? If so, at what temperature and how long would I reheat them?

Rey (1 comments)

i have been baking egg rolls for years now, i make a BIG batch then freeze what i am not going to use, then bake them when ever i feel like eating an egg roll. always comes out crisp for me, so i would freeze before baking.

LouAnne (1 comments)

A woman from our church brought these for a potluck on Sunday. They were absolutely delicious and gone in a flash! I’m making them for dinner tonight! Thank you!

MarGar (2 comments)

I prefer to use a Broccoli Slaw to regular coleslaw – the shreds are a bit bigger. Saute the Broccoli slaw with onion and garlic – add any other tasties you wish. I like chicken or baby shrimp in mine :)

MarGar (2 comments)

Ohhh – I wonder how these would work for left over meat from a turkey – let’s say at Thanksgiving! Maybe make a cranberry dipping sauce to go with it. just a thought

Rebecca C (1 comments)

good idea!

Debi (1 comments)

How many calories are they?

Alexa (1 comments)

Yum! Excellent! Thanks for sharing!

Joanna (1 comments)

This is a great recipe, but the format makes it really hard to follow. It was a big pain to keep scrolling all the way up and down the zillion pictures to find out how much garlic I needed, and then what the next step was, and then all the way to the top again to find out how hot the oven was…Maybe have a more readable recipe at the beginning or end?

Jean (1 comments)

copy and paste and print b4 you cook, then use online recipe as a guide.

Susan (1 comments)

Yeah, you can copy and past–but with the format at hand, things can get missed.

Bunny Olesen (1 comments)

Just wanted to say GREAT concise directions and photos. Easy to follow, and I just really appreciate that. ;D

Renee (1 comments)

I made these last night for move night (my sister and I) and they ROCKED. 5 stars.

Dylan White (1 comments)

low carb diets should be the bulk of our meals to avoid getting obese`,~

joy (1 comments)

i just tried it. i hated deep frying them because for one i do not have a deep fryer and baking them are just easier XD
i run out of egg roller warpers so i used the round warpers i had. both tastes so good; the reason i run out of warper is because i had to much cole slaw and not enough gound beef or warpers, but it worked out in the end. i am gald i do not have to use my big pots for deep frying anymore. and also baking is better for me and my dad will be happy that i am not eating deep fryed stuff anymore ^-^
also the round warpers time is cut in halve because for one they are smaller and two there not much filling in them

Beccabyers (1 comments)

LOVE this recipe! Delicious and a great vegetarian option!

College guy (2 comments)

I tried using two wrappers, chopping up the cole slaw mix more finely and adding ground veal and they were amazing! Thanks for the great base recipe!!!!

College guy (2 comments)

I tried using two wrappers, chopping up the cole slaw mix more finely and adding ground veal and they were amazing! Thanks for the great base recipe!!!!

Sara (1 comments)

Has anyone put chicken or pork in these? If so how much did you use?

TRUDYANN (1 comments)


dcchargermom (1 comments)

I was wondering too, but the first step is to turn on your oven to 375. Did you try these? I think I may!

Tiffaney (1 comments)

They look really good. At what temperature did you bake this?

Joyful Abode (953 comments)

wow, jessica. What a GREAT idea for a sauce! Sounds delicious.

I’m glad you liked the egg rolls.

Jessica (27 comments)

I finally made this — it was so easy and tasted great! I used some homemade apricot jam we were given as the base for a dipping sauce — apricot jam, ginger, rice vinegar, red pepper flakes, maybe some garlic powder? Sort of like a plum sauce, but an apricot ginger version.

Lisa (2 comments)

I finally tried this recipe and it was delicious! Thank you so much for sharing it! I did add meat and used fresh mushrooms to mine. YUM!

fillyjonk (2 comments)

Hey, I tried these this weekend and they were great! I found it made 24 egg rolls – there were 24 wrappers in the package – and had a little filling left over. I used fresh raw mushrooms (8 ounces of sliced baby portobellos) and sauteed them with the bean sprouts in a little olive oil first.

I also found that I greatly preferred to use olive oil as the oil to put on the outside of the egg rolls; it seemed to make them get crispier.

Joyful Abode (953 comments)

Dana, I’m not sure how many wrappers are in a package, but the filling is enough for all of the wrappers in the package with a bit extra… maybe 20ish rolls? I’m not sure.

Dana (1 comments)

How many egg rolls does this recipe make? I’m going to try this recipe for my campers and I need an idea of how many I can get per batch. Thanks so much. I hope these are as good and simple as they look!

Joyful Abode (953 comments)

Lorri, do you have a steamer basket that fits inside or over one of your pots? That way you’d be able to steam the cole slaw mix without it sitting in a bunch of water.
If not, cooking it in about half an inch of water (with the lid on) for a couple minutes would probably be fine.

Lorri (1 comments)

Aww, I don’t have a microwave. Any suggestions on cooking the cole slaw mixture? These look great. Maybe I could saute the cole slaw in a pan with a little water?

Ellen (1 comments)

Steaming the cole slaw works. I used a broccoli cole slaw mix – delicious.

fillyjonk (2 comments)

I wonder if the uncooked rolls would freeze well? It seems to me that they would – cheaper and better for you than buying the pre-prepared frozen stuff.

(I’m always trying to figure out ways to make big batches of stuff store-able; I live alone and don’t often entertain.)

lunaKM (1 comments)

They freeze just fine. Make sure you put them on a sheet pan and freeze them without the sides touching and then you can package them up in a freezer bag and pull them out to cook directly from frozen :)

Jenni (2 comments)

These look so great!! I like the idea of baking them too instead of the fryer! I will def try these! Hubby likes pork in his, so I might add some to his!

Meredith (1 comments)

These look really yummy! Seems pretty healthy too. I’m definitely going to have to try these out!

Kalyn (8 comments)

This sounds fantastic. I love it that the egg rolls are not fried!

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