April 11th 2010
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Last year, I promised I’d be better about updating y’all on my garden. And so far, so good! My iPhone definitely helps – I can snap photos on it, edit them using my new favorite app, TiltShiftGen, and upload them with the (not so smooth, sometimes buggy) WordPress app. Then I just come over to my computer, resize the photos, and type the words. Easy peasy!

I wonder if I can count part of my cell phone service (the data part I mean, not the phone part) as a tax deduction. I use it quite often for blog business, between the photos, WordPress, and twitter. Hmm…

Anyway, everything is looking much more fluffy than just a week and a half ago or so, the last time I posted. The tomatoes and some of the peppers have tiny little flowers and buds on them. The zucchini here (on the right) also has lots of little buds, and some of them look like they’re female, while others look male, so I think in a couple weeks we should have some actual fruits developing there! That’s reeeeeally exciting to me because my love for zucchini is never-ending.

Over here we have the squash (left) which has also fluffed up a lot. It has some suspicious-looking bits that worry me a little… but I’m wondering if it’s because I sort of let them get slightly wilted and then watered them with a lot of water at one time – so maybe they sort of “split” due to the massive influx of moisture? I don’t know… the plants as a whole look healthy though, so I’ll keep my hopes up and watch out for pests.
Edited to add: It looks almost exactly like this, but not as dry. So it looks like the uneven watering / wind may have caused it, but that they will probably be fine. Good to know!

I think I need to get rid of the cauliflower, because I’m pretty sure it’s a one-shot deal. I don’t think they regenerate new heads of cauliflower after you pick the first one… but my husband said he noticed a couple new little broccolis forming on our broccoli plant! So that’s exciting.

You can’t see it in this picture, but we have a tiny little cantaloupe seedling in the back row. It’s hanging on but hasn’t grown very much. I really hope it does well – I’ve been eating lots of melon lately.

Zora likes when I check on the gardens, because somehow some of our crazy-overgrown-unharvested beans must’ve made their way into our compost and soil last year. So now, most of our “weeds” in the garden beds are actually bean sprouts. And Zora likes munching on them when I discard them. Isn’t she so cute, the way she holds things in her paws?

I probably got more excited than any normal person would have this morning… because I saw a LADYBUG! On one of my pepper plants! I hope it has lots and lots of babies. Ladybugs rock for the health of gardens, helping control pests. Plus they’re freaking adorable.

…Speaking of adorable. Check out my little happy basil seedlings. I’m not quite making pesto yet, but I’m sure they’ll get bigger and “explode” in no time. I’m not sure why they’re all growing in clumps though – I honestly did scatter the seeds! It doesn’t really matter though. In a month or two it’ll just be a huge bushy pile of basil and no one will be the wiser.

And some little green onions are sprouting too! I don’t know anything about growing them, but I figured I could throw some seeds in a pot and see what happens. Why not, right? Still no activity in the parsley or oregano pots though.

Our strawberry plants have been slowly producing little berries…

And on Friday I picked a few. The four smaller ones were from our potted strawberry plant. I think the soil quality will affect those berries – they were definitely a bit tart and firm, even though I had left them on the plant for a while to try to allow them to ripen more. The bigger one on the left was from one of our plants in the garden box – with good soil, compost, and manure. It was juicy and sweet. Hopefully those plants get bigger and perform well. We both love berries!

So that’s the garden update for this week. Say thank you to my iPhone for making this post possible!

sonali (1 comments)

I love your garden.. I like your energy lady. You inspired me to do lot of things. Great going.

zookeeperjess (2 comments)

Wow I'm jealous! We're going to try out hand at gardening and hoping we are successful!

zookeeperjess (2 comments)

Wow I'm jealous! We're going to try out hand at gardening and hoping we are successful!

Pam (9 comments)

I think the cauliflower plants are a one-shot deal too. Keep an eye on the broccoli though, some plants let you re-cut. Good job with the garden! I LOVE container planting.

Dosenberry (17 comments)

You have no idea how jealous I am of you… no idea. It ain't warm enough here in Michigan for a garden… but its close!

Mamatha (68 comments)

Your garden looks amazing! I feel inspired.

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