February 2nd 2008
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hedgehog embroidery project - joyful abode cute needlework

I was at work the other day when I thought of a hedgehog on a tire swing. I don’t think the children remind me of hedgehogs or anything like that… but children are cute and so are hedgehogs. And children like swinging on tire swings, and so do…um… hedgehogs? So maybe that’s part of it.

Anyway, I sketched it out and squeed with the adorable factor of it all.

So I refined my drawing, and then traced the “final” version in pen. Then, I decided, why not try another medium? I love embroidery. It’s like doodling with thread. It’s so organic and flexible, like crochet is.

hedgehog embroidery project - joyful abode cute needlework

I still need to stitch in the rope and the tree’s branch, but I couldn’t wait to share this little project.

regim lozano (1 comments)

hi,can something i just want only to know do you do the single knot imbroidery pls..thanks…

Lori (1 comments)

I would LOVE to know who makes this embroidery pattern?
Thank yoU!

Joyful Abode (953 comments)

It is based on one of my own illustrations. Thanks for the kind words!

brandi_frugalfarmhoiuse (1 comments)

oh my gosh.. .he's just so adorable! Love him :) I can't wait to see him when he's done!

Oh.. i'm here from LLNOE. I love your blog! so fun, I will definitely be back :)

Jean Groberg (1 comments)

Your Shisha embroidery illustrations were soooooo helpful. I spent the last two hours trying to make a mirror stay in place using only one round of those tic-tac-toe anchoring stitches and I did the blanket stitch backwards so it ended in a very messy center. Tomorrow evening I will start fresh. I thank you for the boost. Jean

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