August 28th 2011
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Lemon is one thing that actually helps my feelings of nausea when pregnant, so I’ve been eating a lot of it lately. These potatoes are mild enough to not bother my stomach, but flavorful – very lemony! Crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside makes them perfect for any day, even if you’re not pregnant (ha).


Lemony Potatoes


  • red potatoes, quartered
  • lemon juice – about one lemon per 6-8 small potatoes
  • olive oil
  • sea salt


  1. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Bring a pot of water to boil while you wash and cut the potatoes.
  3. Throw the quartered potatoes in for about 7-10 minutes. Drain.
  4. Put the potatoes back into the pot on low heat, and squeeze the lemon juice over them (I did this through the sieve to catch the seeds). Stir them around in the juice and let the juice mostly steam/evaporate away.
  5. Pour in a bit of olive oil or other cooking fat (I really would’ve preferred to use bacon grease, but I don’t have any right now since I haven’t been feeling the bacon thing lately) and stir to coat the potatoes.
  6. Pour the lemoned-oiled potatoes into a glass baking dish (or whatever) and sprinkle generously with sea salt.
  7. Bake as long as you’d like, until the outsides are as crispy as you want them. I generally do at least half an hour. I think today was closer to 45 minutes. I like crispiness.
  8. Eat. Yum.

Tricia (2 comments)

Ooh mine are ready to go in the oven now and the sneak taste I had was amazing! Just waiting for the boy to come home to pop them in the oven :)
PS: do you freeze them before or after baking?

Olga (1 comments)

I must tried it.Looks yummy,my kids will love it for sure.Thank you for posting this out.

Leigha (12 comments)

I hate to ask this question and really really hope it does not make you ill. Just wondering how you keep your bacon grease: in a jar, in the fridge, on the counter? I have never been a big meat eater, so I really have no idea. If it makes you sick, just don’t answer! I’m sorry if it does.

Joyful Abode (953 comments)

oh no problem. :) I usually keep it in the fridge in a corningware type container w/a plastic lid. You don’t want a plastic container because then you’d have to wait for the grease to cool before you can pour it in.

A glass jar works great too.

You can keep it on the counter if you want, but if you do that it’s a good idea to strain it before putting it in the container (fine mesh sieve over the jar as you pour it in is fine). That’s because the fat itself is very stable and will be fine at room temp, but any little pieces of meat in there could go rancid.

Honestly I’ve kept it at room temp without straining first if I knew I would use it really soon (2-3 days), and it was fine. I like that it’s soft and easy to spoon out when it’s at room temp.

Leigha (12 comments)

Thank you so much!! :)

Arual (10 comments)

Oh, just what I’ve been hoping for! Pregnancy friendly recipes from a paleo pro!

Julia (2 comments)

When I was pregnant lemon and cherry were the only things that helped my nausea, but I never thought to try cooking with them! I just ate lemon heads candy all day (the sugar wasn’t really a good idea). I can’t wait to try this recipe.

Lea G (1 comments)

Hey I really loved the recipe it looks so Yummy. I am new to such lemon made recipes. This looks so much colour full also. I shall try it without fail.

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