March 27th 2010
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The plants are all doing pretty well. They look bright green and very happy – they get hours and hours of sunshine every day. The biggest tomato plant has a few yellow flowers on it, and everything else looks perky.

These little guys poking up are the first of the basil. Grow, little green friends! I have plans for you!

And one of our strawberry plants already has a few greenish berries.

Do any of you know if there’s a trick to getting the whole strawberry plant to grow so it can make LOTS of berries? Or will it just stay small and make a few berries at a time? Do I just need to be patient?

The two rose bushes in our backyard have exploded with tons of foliage, and there are even some blooms on them.

But although everything is doing quite well, it doesn’t mean I know squat about gardening. For instance, I didn’t realize that the first broccoli “head” would be very small and that I would have to cut it off in order to allow more to grow. I just thought it would get bigger if I gave it time. Instead, it turned into a beautiful bouquet of yellow flowers, which this little buzzy guy enjoyed thoroughly.

I also didn’t know that I had to wrap the cauliflower’s leaves around the veggie and clip them with a clothespin to keep the florets white and tight. Instead, it sort of opened up a bit and didn’t look very appetizing.

So I cut off the broccoli bouquet… and hopefully more broccoli will grow.

I also snipped off the cauliflower and tossed it aside. Zora was very happy to get her teeth on it… she loves getting veggie scraps while I’m cooking, and she knew exactly what the cauliflower was and how delicious it is. I know this photo makes it look like she’s snarling, but she was just excitedly chewing, I promise. Nothing vicious here.

Do cauliflower plants regenerate and make new “heads” of cauliflower? Or is it a one-shot deal for them? I know it’s kind of late in the cauliflower season anyway…

The broccoli looks lovely on my dining room table though!

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