May 20th 2010
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Jealous yet?

  • 3 squashes, one of which is hilariously bumpy
  • 1 zucchini
  • 1 cucumber, which was a total surprise to me
  • A few stalks of broccoli
  • A small banana pepper
  • A small jalapeno pepper (figured I’d pick these peppers so the tiny plants can put more energy into GROWING a bit more first)
  • Some basil
  • 2 strawberries

Other garden news…

  1. Something is still munching on my jalapeno plant and my banana pepper plant. The chomping on my zucchini seems to have mostly abated though, so that’s good.
  2. I saw a baby preying mantis. They freak me the heck out but I know they’re good for gardens, so that’s exciting.
  3. I still have several ladybugs - yay!
  4. The broccoli is still producing but I know it’s a cool-weather crop, so it shouldn’t have too much longer… which is good because aphids are attacking some of the leaves! I don’t want to battle them too much (insecticidal soap, diatomaceous earth, etc) because I don’t want to risk harming the ladybugs and mantises. So I’ll let them keep munching for a bit longer (as long as they stay on the broccoli plant and not migrate to other plants – then it’s WAR) and then I’ll just pull up the whole plant and get rid of it when it’s a bit warmer more consistently.

Awesome to already have things ready! so cute to boot!

Just found your blog, enjoying reading along! :) :)

Jess @OpenlyBalanced (1 comments)

I am totally envious! All I have is a ton of tiny sprouting things.

Whitney (6 comments)

Right now, all we have are strawberries sprouting. :(

But we did plant a bit later as well. Things are growing, though!!

primaltoad (3 comments)

And my jealousy continues…

Teri Seago (3 comments)

YAY on your harvest (looks like a lunch to me)!!!
If you haven't noticed any slime trails on your peppers, then your culprit is most likely cutworms. You can nail them with Diatomaceous Earth mixed in the top inch of soil, as they burrow under the ground during the day. That way you won't blast the good bugs :)


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