November 29th 2015
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Note: This recipe was originally posted in April, 2010. We still make these and they’re still just as delicious. You won’t regret giving this recipe a try!

I’ve probably made these cheese crisps 100 times already. They’re so delicious, easy to “customize,” and quick to make. They’re great to snack on when you’re in the mood to “munch” but carrot sticks just aren’t cutting it – these are full of protein and fat and (depending on your cheese) zero to few carbs. They’ll satisfy actual hunger, which is always a plus, you know, for FOOD.

So, start with your cheese. You can use cheddar, parmesan, Monterey jack, whatever you’d like. I haven’t tried it with mozzarella or provolone yet so I’m not sure how those would turn out, but if you’re in the mood for that, why not give it a try? What’s the worst that could happen?

Cheese crisps

If you’re planning on mixing in seasonings or spices, grate your cheese. Or get pre-shredded cheese. Either is fine. I’ve used the “mexican shredded blend” before with success.

Otherwise, if you’re doing just plain cheese, you just need to slice it.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and put some parchment paper on a cookie sheet.

Did you hear me about the parchment? It must be parchment. Foil won’t work (trust me, I’ve tried), nor will “cooking spray” or any other method… parchment and parchment only. Can I say it again? Parchment.

Cheese crisps

Now, if you’re using shredded cheese + seasonings, go ahead and toss it all together in a bowl. Cheddar/Jack and Ranch dressing mix is amazing. “Mexican blend” is great with some chili powder and garlic. Parmesan and basil is always nice. Do what feels good to you. Just don’t add salt. Remember, cheese is already PLENTY salty on its own. You do NOT need additional salt.

For shredded cheese, put little lumps of it all over the parchment-lined cookie sheet, spaced out because they WILL “grow” and spread more than you think they will. And when I say “little” lumps, I mean little… about a teaspoon of cheese each.

If you’re using plain cheese, slice it thinly (not paper-thin, but like “sandwich slices” thin) and break or cut it into little squares. About an inch square is good. Again, they will spread out, so place these on the parchment-lined cookie sheet, spaced out like cookies.

Now put it on a rack centered in the middle of your oven, and bake for 5-7 minutes. Then peek. If the edges are starting to brown, you could try taking it out. If you’re not sure, leave it in for another minute or two.

I’ve accidentally forgotten about these in the oven before, and the whole thing turned brown and it was STILL tasty… but if you don’t let it bake enough, it’ll just be stretchy melted cheese, not cheese “crisps.”

When you remove them from the oven, you’ll need to let them cool. If you have the sort of countertop that feels cold, you can just lift the whole piece of parchment off the cookie sheet, and set it on your counter for a few minutes. Or if you don’t, you can use a pancake-flipper thing (what are they really called? not spatulas; those are different) to pick them up and put them on a cool plate.

After a few minutes, they’ll be crisp! And you have a great party snack. Or a lunchbox “side.” Or if you’re like me, possibly dinner.

Cheese crisps

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Low-Carb Snacks : Homemade Baked Cheese Crisps Recipe
Recipe type: snack, appetizer, chips
Cuisine: low-carb, gluten-free
Make awesome crunchy cheese crisps with just a few ingredients (or just one) and a few minutes. A low-carb snack that is satisfying and healthy.
  • Cheese
  • Optional - herbs and spices
  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Not waxed paper. Not foil. PARCHMENT. Trust me.
  3. Shred cheese and mix with seasonings or herbs (Do NOT add salt. Cheese is salty enough.) OR
  4. Cut cheese into thin slices. (or get the cheese cut "for sandwiches" at the deli in your grocery store)
  5. Either put little lumps of the shredded cheese (maybe 1 Tbsp or so) or squares of the sandwich slices (about ¼ or ⅙ of a full slice per cheese crisp) onto the parchment, a couple of inches apart. They will spread as they bake.
  6. Bake 5-7 minutes or until beginning to brown around the edges.
  7. Allow to cool, to finish getting crispy.
  8. Eat! They're great plain or with your favorite dips.

Check out my really delicious artichoke dip.  I used baked cheese crisps as my “crackers” to scoop it up and it was to die for!

EASY no carb cheese crisps - low carb atkins gluten free snack

Sherry (1 comments)

Sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing your recipe with us at Merry Monday.

What a perfect little snack!
Thanks so much for adding your recipe to the Delicious Dishes Recipe Party on Pocket Change Gourmet!

Abbi (1 comments)

Thank you so much for this recipe, I’m always struggling to find a good low carb recipe that tastes good :)

Annie (1 comments)

These look so delicious! I will definitely have to try. Have you ever made them with parmesan?

Emily Chapelle (429 comments)

i haven’t but i know it will work. :-) I’ve had “parmesan crisps” at restaurants on salads and stuff!

Tamuria (1 comments)

These sound amazing! I can’t wait to try. They would be great for party snacks and I love that you’ve offered a few seasoning ideas.

Laura B (1 comments)

I saw these and immediately had to try! They are so delicious! Thank you for sharing! :)

Jessy @ The Life Jolie (2 comments)

These look awesome- I’ve been the worst with me eating lately, but I need to make a plan for after this baby comes. These will definitely be a part of it for when I get those cravings for savory snacks!

Althea (1 comments)

I absolutely love this recipe. I found it on Pinterest and tried it of course. I made it in a pan on the stove, which also worked quite well. I liked it so much I had to put it my blog as well.

Arlene (1 comments)

Can I make these in advance of a party? How long will they keep in a ziplock bag?

Laura (2 comments)

Had to try another cheese, this time I used pieces of cut up blue cheese slices I bought from GFS, and sprinkled with some garlic powder. They took a little longer to cook, they are AWESOME!!!

Laura (2 comments)

Just made these with cut up swiss cheese slices tossed with cayenne…yummy and gone!!

Emily Chapelle (429 comments)

oh this sounds like a great combo! thanks for sharing.

Jackie (1 comments)

Hey! I just wanted to say that I’ve tried this with provolone and mozzarella. Provolone works well even though it’s not my favorite. Mozzarella turns into this cheese puff thing. It’s good but if you crunch, then you don’t want mozzarella!

Michelle (1 comments)

Omg soooo good! I did it with Walmart brand fiesta blend and used the new non-stick foil (couldn’t find parchment) and it worked great! Thanks so much for posting this! I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance and have to be on a low carb diet, I was getting bored but now with these “chips” I’ll be good to go!!!

Sandy J. DUncan (1 comments)

I read this and made them immediately. I used shredded mexican cheese and sprinkled with jalapeno seasoning (popcorn). Just baked 6 minutes and they were delish! Thanks for the great ideas.

Emily Chapelle (429 comments)

Wonderful! I’m so glad you enjoyed them. The jalapeno flavor sounds GREAT.

Patty S (2 comments)

These are perfect. I have one question. I am looking for a low-carb snack I can make to take with me when I travel…something that does not require refrigeration. Will these chips keep without being refrigerated? Thank you.

Emily Chapelle (429 comments)

I’ve eaten them a couple of days after making them, and they were fine… they do get a little less crispy sometimes… but I actually prefer to leave them out vs refrigerating them. But I wouldn’t eat them for like a week or something… just, personally.

Patty S (2 comments)

Thanks, Emily!

bree (1 comments)

I used aluminum foil with cooking spray and it worked out fine. THey are tasty

May (1 comments)

That not-a-spatula turny-overy thing is actually called a fish slice, which is pretty weird in my opinion. Thank you for the delicious recipe and for truly bringing home *parchment* paper. I’d tried other stuff and failed before 😉

Big Cheese (pun intended) (1 comments)

please, have my children..

Suz (1 comments)

I made some of the cheese snacks last night and everyone loved them. My question is, how do you store the left overs? I put them in the fridge last night and they have good flavor but they are not as crisp? I was concerned about leaving the chips out.

Christy (1 comments)

Does anyone know if it would be possible to make a large batch of these ahead of time and store them in a bag or container? Or will they spoil or get chewy if you store them?

Marcy (2 comments)

Christy, When I make them, once they are cool, I put them in a ziplock bag and leave them on the counter. They stay crisp and fresh tasting. I’ve let them sit as long as two weeks, but I always eat them all by then, so don’t know if they will last longer.

Kat (1 comments)

Awesomely tasty. I tried this with parmesan cheese, pecorino romano and queso fresco. The parmesan turned out slightly chewy and awesome. Pecorino romano turned out more lacy and crunch-y, and queso fresco apparently doesn’t have enough fat in it to melt. I got little piles of slightly brown dusty sadness.

I was trying to figure out what to do with multiple bits of leftover cheese before they went bad.

Phil (1 comments)

Tried these cheese crisps and they were great! I didn’t read all of the comments so I may be repeating what other tips were sent your way. I tried the Pepper/Jack and Ranch dressing mix. I didn’t have the dressing but did have the dip mix… really tasty!
Instead of dropping them by teaspoonful’s, I spread a thin layer over the parchment and used a pizza cutter to cut them when they were dome and cooled.
I also transferred the cut crisps to a paper towel to absorb some of the oil left on the bottom before bagging them and storing in the fridge. I think it would be easier to slide the entire sheet off the parchment and onto the paper towels and then cut them. I’ll try that next time (tomorrow)
Thanks for sharing your recipes with us Emily.

Veronica (1 comments)

Seriously people, if you havnt tried these yet DO IT NOW. On that note I didnt use parchment. I used a well seasoned baking stone. And FOLLOW the 1tsp recommendation. They spread. Too much is chewy. Hubby says they remind him of potato chips. My 2% mexican blend puffed up. Yummo. My gouda was delish, as was the pepperjack. Now to see how to store these as I made quite a few. I dipped some in a spinach artichoke parmesean dip I just bought from Costco. 2 carbs/2TBS. Heavenly.

Gina (1 comments)

Tried this with all of your pointers. Worked like a charm! Linked to you :)

Emily Chapelle (429 comments)

Aw thanks for letting me know! Took a look at your post and it looks great. Love your use of the waffle iron for your grilled cheese, too!

jan (2 comments)

These are AWESOME. I used the Sargento ultra thin pepper jack and it worked out beautifully. I made some grated cheddar with garlic powder. I also made some Sargento ultra thin cheddar slices with a sprinkle of taco seasoning. (These were also awesome.) Finally. A crunchy snack food I can eat with meals or have as a stand alone snack.

Emily Chapelle (429 comments)

So glad you like them!

Marcy (2 comments)

I’ve made them with the Sargento unltra thins, too, and they make great one’s. I just folded each slice in half both directions and ended up with 4 small rectangles that turn in to crunchy medium sized rectangles when they’re finished.

Steph (1 comments)

How long will these keep?

Dana (1 comments)

So yummy! I just made these and they are to die for! I knew I liked fried cheese. I just didn’t like standing over the skillet or microwave to make them. This is an awesome alternative and I loved adding the spices. I did mexican cheese mix with chili powder and garlic powder. So good. I don’t think anyone else is getting any! 😉

Emily Chapelle (429 comments)

I always make a ton when I do make them… they are gone SO quickly. Everyone in my family loves them too. :) Chili garlic flavor sounds great.

Bonnie (2 comments)

Made made a couple varieties…cheese makes a difference. Still all really good, just nuke a bit more or less. I added some salami bits to the cheese, really good. I also added some pepper cheese to some Colby shredded cheese also really good. My advice play…seems that all are good. If you are eating Atkins. A great snack.

Emily Chapelle (429 comments)

the salami bits is a great idea! I’ll be trying that next time. :) I still make these crisps ALL the time, and my kids love them too.

erica (1 comments)

Wonder what I did wrong be cuse these smoked up my whole house. They also stu k to the parchment paper??? They smelled awesome though :/

Emily Chapelle (429 comments)

Are you sure you used parchment? It sounds like you used waxed paper which is totally different… that would burn and stink, and the cheese would definitely stick to that.

Bonnie (2 comments)

Try in the microwave for a minute and a half. And add 30 seconds if not solid enough..these get firmer with cooling

cindy (1 comments)

These have totally saved me from falling off the wagon and grabbing something I would regret 5 minutes later. I have been experimenting with different combinations
Thanks so much!

Emily Chapelle (429 comments)

So happy to hear it! You’re very welcome.

John (1 comments)

Very tasty! I made 16 little piles in one pan then placed 16 pepperoni slices on a paper towel in another pan. Cooked both for 7 minutes. Both were crisp and tasted great together.

that crazee redhead (1 comments)

Love this idea and I am going to try. Do you have a nutritional content? I suppose i could just divide whatever the bag says..lol

I’m am trying this weekend, i miss chips!! Feel free to visit my blog at http://www.thatcrazeered.com I have a great recipe for cauliflower crust pizza bites. Sounds disgusting but they are wonderful and carb free!!! I will add this recipe as well (i give credit where credit is due)

thanks again!

pawlla (1 comments)

I was eager to try this recipe and didn’t have the parchment paper so I tried them on a cookie sheet sprayed with Pam and they came out perfectly. I let them cool and then lifted them with a pie server and they didn’t fall apart. Thanks for the recipe, delish!!!

ROSIE (1 comments)

These are incredible!! And they’re fantastic with homemade pesto!

sucluv (1 comments)

These r awesome with homemade guacamolie, salsa and sour cream..make them all the time and by girlfriend’s favorite ♡♡

Sunny (1 comments)

Amazing! Absolutely Fantastic! But now, what do I do with the leftovers? Can I just leave it out in a well-sealed container or do I need to refrigerate it? How long will it stay crisp?

Maura (1 comments)

I don this and make tasty taco shells!:)

Connie (1 comments)

I just used a Itlian 5 cheese blend and put pepperoni on them. Turned out great and it’s a crestless pizza

Cheryl (2 comments)

So I ran to the store and got the ranch packet and made them. Maybe I did something wrong but those are SO salty and I can’t stand them. AWFUL!!!! What did I do wrong? This is SO disappointing!!!!

Emily Chapelle (429 comments)

You just need a very small amount of the powder… Not the entire packet. I’m guessing you dumped it all in?

Cheryl (2 comments)

Great…I just now scrolled down to read that you meant the powdered Ranch packet!!! UGGGG. I made it with dressing and they are SO runny!!! It’s after 9 and I am needing a late night snack. It would have helped to know this to start with.

Vinnie (1 comments)

Or, you could read the directions carefully, noting that it specifically states “ranch dressing mix” and not a whole freakin’ packet of actual liquid ranch dressing. Do you even physics?

Lindsay (2 comments)

Geesh you’re rude…

miamiflan (1 comments)


Jean L (1 comments)

Thank you!

Casey (1 comments)

LOVE this recipe! I’ve been using it for a year now, and it never disappoints. Actually, your whole blog is a wonderful resource for grain free baking.

I just made some of these today and posted about it on my new food blog, http://www.gethungrynerds.wordpress.com, if you’re interested in having a look.

lynn (1 comments)

What is parchment paper and where do you buy it?

Amy (1 comments)

It’s a type of paper you can use in the oven. You should be able to find it in your local grocery store.

Michelle (1 comments)

I’d never heard of it either, but I found it at Walmart, by the aluminum foil…

Cathy (2 comments)

I mixed 1/3 cup shredded Mexican blend cheese with 1/4 tsp. each chili powder, dried cilantro, and garlic powder then baked as instructed. Pretty dag gone tasty. I need to start them a little thinner before baking so they get a little crispier and I think I will go with 1/4 plus 1/8 tsp. of the chili powder and only 1/8 tsp. of the garlic, but even so. Yum.

I’ve been looking for a low-carb alternative to chips and crackers and I think I have found it. I am so totally going to try this with cheddar cheese and crumbled bacon!

Thank you!

Cathy (2 comments)

I should add that my mix yielded 11 “chips” though I am going to stretch it next time for an even 12.

kiddconley (1 comments)

My guess is that the chips shown were made with spread out Cheddar Cheese. That made the tiny “holes,” as you called them. I have been eating these for years.. but only when I was baking something with cheese on it.. and it spilled onto the pan. I never thought about using them for a cracker! Great idea. BTW.. In my family we call it “Cheese Paper,” and we usually fight over it!

avidrunner (1 comments)

I started Atkins last week and was looking for something to replace crackers. I made these today and oh my gosh, they were DELICIOUS!! I used pre-sliced cheddar cheese, Target brand and tore the cheese slices into 1″ squares and baked them that way. I can’t believe how freaking good they were and I am addicted! I wish I would have made more. I can’t wait to try them with your artichoke dip recipe. =)

Paula Lopp Dalby (1 comments)

Well, this is the second recipe I’ve found on your site in less than a week. Seems like I need to follow your blog or subscribe to the feed or whatever the proper lingo is. Also wanted to mention if you have a silpat, you don’t need the parchment paper. No kidding. I used to sell them, but now you can get them in any top quality kitchen store (Sur La Tab, Williams & Sonoma, etc.). Perfect for cheese crips–I promise!

Attractive component to content. I simply stumbled upon your site and in accession capital to say that I acquire actually loved account your blog posts. Anyway I will be subscribing for your feeds or even I success you get entry to constantly quickly.

SuzyW (1 comments)

Let me get it straight – that’s ‘Ranch Dressing Mix’ right? The powdery stuff – not the liquid ranch dressing.

Joyful abode (429 comments)

Yes the powder.

SANDRA (1 comments)

Was your comment for another of Joy’s blogs, you know about Ranch dressing powder, or have I missed something? Or can you sprinkle the powder on the cheese crisps?

Victoria (1 comments)

Thank you so much for this recipe! Even a picky, pre-career twenty something idiot like myself could make these easily!

Cappy (2 comments)

I just made these using pre-sliced cheddar cheese and sprinkling some sesame seeds on top midway through the cooking process. So yummy!

SandyM (1 comments)

These cheese crisps look amazing! But what else is added? Shredded cheese and what? What holds it all together? Shredded cheese and ranch dressing? That’s all I was able to get from this. I love the picture of the crisps with the little holes in it — you can just imagine how crunchy they are. I’m cooking for my granddaughter who is on the Atkins diet, and I’m always looking for something new for her. Please tell me what I’m missing! I can’t wait to make these.

Cappy (2 comments)

Nothing else is needed! If you cook it until slightly brown on the edges, the cheese holds itself together after it cools.

Anthony Davis (1 comments)

Awesome!! But…. better still, at least for the lazy man. Spread a thin layer of grated cheese on your cookie sheet with parchment paper, little or no parchment paper showing through, cook as directed here, then cut into ~2×2 squares with a pizza cutter before they cool. Less work, less fuss, no worrying about ‘running together’, more ‘chips’ per effort. Try it!!

Lindsay (2 comments)


DandyDutch (1 comments)

Whipped these babies up in about 8 minutes total! They were absolutely wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. Finding SCD snack foods can be so difficult. This was just perfect! :)

Anita (1 comments)

My husband has made these for years with Monterey Jack cheese, sprinkled with cayenne pepper, yum! He makes them in the oven on foil covered cookie sheets.
There is usually a fight over the last one :-)

k. guy (1 comments)

Anyone know how to make these heathier like with veggies???

Greg G. (1 comments)

Cheese Crisp Recipe:

Cheese has lots of ANIMAL FAT…. I never knew how much until I was looking for an alternative to my craving for potato chips…

I’ve done this dozens of times and it’s very easy, although it takes practice. Take a non-stick frying pan and lay about 3 slices of any cheese you want. Turn on medium heat and let the cheese simmer.

Allow the cheese to keep simmering and you will see the edges start to turn brown. Tilt the pan a little and if cheese flows, it needs more time. Once the cheese doesn’t flow when you tilt the pan, take it off the fire and in the tilted position, pour the oil (saturated animal fat) into a receptacle.

I typically can remove 1-2 Tbsp of oil from 2-3 thin slices of cheese! It’s eye-opening.

After removing the oil, flip the cheese with a spatula to cook any uncooked cheese, and remove and place on a paper towel to remove any leftover oil. Season with salt or seasonings and enjoy your carb and fat-free CRUNCHY snack!

You can do the same with slices of grated cheese, Parmesan or whatever cheese you want. If you like salami, do the same and you will be amazed at the amount of fat that melts away…

Let me know how it goes! Enjoy!!!

Marissa (1 comments)

Why on earth would you want something to be fat-free?

jan (2 comments)

I just put mine on a paper towel as soon as they were firm enough to pick up.

karen (1 comments)

Removing excess fat is a great idea and I am sure these are quite yummy. I have made my own cheese crisps before but I wanted to caution readers/viewers, these are NOT FAT FREE, but they ARE greatly REDUCED in fat. For some, that distinction is important. :)

Patty (1 comments)

Microwave Alternative!! I’ve done this many times. You MUST use 2% cheese. The whole % is too fatty to crisp. I use the block cheese. Cut it sandwich slice thin, break slices in half, into about 3/4 inch squares, put on parchment paper as already instructed. Even if they spread together, they are easy to break apart. I put the parchment paper directly on the microwave turn table. (EASY cleanup) Microwave on high for 1 minute 30 seconds. Wafers come out round and crispy when cool. Much faster than the oven method. Wafers are a great low-carb alternative to crackers. I use them with hummus….yum!!

Stargazer (2 comments)

Yes it is true that if the cheese is too fatty, it won’t crisp up. I, too, have always used the microwave, which is must faster than the oven. These are addicting!

Darcy (1 comments)

Microwaves are toxic and make the food toxic. Please do research it and stop using the microwave.

Lori (1 comments)

Perhaps microwaves are toxic. Perhaps so is processed cheese. I’m pretty sure the 20% extra body weight most Americans carry is toxic. I’m going to chance the microwave.

Johnross1968 (1 comments)

Please provide proof of your claim that Microwaves are TOXIC.
Personally I think your claim is BS, but I thought it would be only right to allow you the chance to back your BS up with some FACTS.

Karen Diaz (1 comments)

I found this recipe on Pinterest and just wanted to say THANK YOU! I have been making a similar recipe for my low-carbing husband, but I have always just spread the cheese out all over the cookie sheet. I tried spray oil after it stuck to the cookie sheet, but that was an oily mess and I could never get the cheese crispy enough for him. The parchment paper and small spoonsful of cheese did the trick. Husband loves them and wife is happy! Thanks again! :-)

ladycrd (1 comments)

Love this recipe!!
After I made it a few times… I decided
to add sesame seeds on top of the cheese slices,
and it turned out great!! Plus there’s no net carbs
with the sesame seeds… which makes it even better!!

Shannon (1 comments)

I add roasted sesame seeds as well and it tastes delicious!

Mandie (1 comments)

I did this tonight with sliced cheese. I used my Pampered Chef stone. I sprayed it to make sure they didn’t stick and I don’t think I need to worry next time, there is enough in the cheese I think. Anyway, I did have to cook it about 10 min but they turned out great.

RitaB (1 comments)

Thanks for the ideas. I’d never considered adding seasoning to a cheese crisp!

and Yep, the “pancake-flipper thing” is, indeed, a spatula to many of us! Although, I understand they’re often called “turners”. I call both the flipper thingy and the rubber bowl scraper “spatulas” :)

Patty (1 comments)

So funny! I also call it a spatula, or a flippy doodle.

Emily Chapelle (429 comments)

OK, flippy doodle is the best thing i’ve read all day.

DASH diet menu (1 comments)

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Janice (1 comments)

How long will these keep and if so how do you store.

chris (1 comments)

the cheese crisp recipe is excellent;HOWEVER, you didn’t indicate not to use fat free cheese. the crisps don’t crisp with it. i made “rubber crisps” when i tried it with fat free american cheese. otherwise, since that faux pax, my future crisps were crispy crisps!!

Julie (17 comments)

So simple, I can’t believe I never thought of it! I’m eating these at lunch with my toddler. It’s so nice to see her eating something other than crackers! More in the oven and I can’t wait til they’re done. Thanks!

Ashley (1 comments)

‘pancake-flipper thing’ = Pancake Turner. :)

I made these last night with shredded cheddar. Absolutely fantastic! I’m thinking I can make a batch of these every time I turn the oven on so I can eat them while I am making dinner!

Suzanne Levis (1 comments)

Is the cracker home made as well. Sorry for the dumb question.

Toni (1 comments)

I love this idea. I’m gonna try it today. How do I go about getting on some kind of automatic email list or something of the sought? I would love to get these kind of recipes regularly without actively searching for them. I’m new to low carb and looking for some new and tasty ideas to keep me from returning to my old habits.

Sue Sparling (1 comments)

I would love to get emails from you with the different low carb recipes. Any low sodium recipes would be good to. Thank you!

Brenda (1 comments)

I really like these cheese crisps! I have a question, if you’ve got any leftover, do you store them in the refrigerator or just in the cupboard?

paulette (2 comments)

tried this with pampered chef sour cream and salsa seasoning – great!

paulette (2 comments)

oops! watkins brand!!!!!!! not PC

JunkMama (1 comments)

I made these years ago, but never thought of adding seasoning. Very interesting! Thanks for reviving a lost pleasure!

Barry (1 comments)

Thank you! thank you! thank you! I’m a border line diabetic and I find that if I stay low carb I can keep my blood sugar under control. I was sitting here craving something crunchy so I googled low carb snacks and WOW! these cheese crisps are so easy and tasty. I think I love you!

Amanda (1 comments)

WOW! You are my new favorite person :) I found this link on the MDA forums and I think you single-handedly cured my cravings for chips and crackers! I made these with half regular cheddar and half Irish aged cheddar and then added garlic powder and cayenne pepper and had to stop myself from eating the entire tray. Thank you!!!!

krissy (3 comments)

Just made these..sprinkled in some mrs dash garlic and herb. Going to make these along with the artichoke dip for New Years tomorrow evening. :-) Thanks for sharing!!!

Joyful Abode (953 comments)

No, he went to Virginia Tech. :) I hope you like the cheese crisps! Definitely look into Paleo but don’t just go by Cordain – he’s afraid of animal-derived fats, and shouldn’t be. Do your research!

Maria (1 comments)

These also make excellent mini taco “shells”. You can top them with low carb favorites such as salsa, seasoned ground meat or chicken, sour cream and a bit of guacamole!

Joyful Abode (953 comments)

what a fantastic idea!

Ghaleon (1 comments)

I made them today with cheddar cheese and Mrs Dash Original Blend spice. They were delicious. I liked them so much that I made them twice, about two hours apart. The first time I took them out of the oven sooner than the second time because I was afraid they would burn. I liked them both times. You are right that if you take them out before they turn brown on the edges they taste more like melted cheese than like crisps.

Erica (1 comments)

I am in love with your Exciting Swiss Chard (or spinach) recipe and have made it twice – everyone ohhhh and ahhhhd over it. Got more Swiss Chard in my CSA basket this week and plan to make it again tonight. Great website!

Jane (1 comments)

I am in love with your recipes. I want to try them ALL, but I started with the Cheese Crisps (to go w/the amazing Cauliflower Soup I just made). Here is a link to the finished product: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1820524&l=2ed9b5cdf9&id=1328780585

I mixed together 2% Milk – 4 Cheese Mexican Blend, garlic powder, oregano, and paprika. Then, I carefully placed 1 tsp “mounds” of the mixture on a cookie sheet, covered w/wax paper and sprayed w/olive oil spray. Before putting them in the oven, I sprinkled a pinch of Parmesan & Romano Cheese Blend on top of each crisp. Then, I baked them for approximately 7-8 minutes, at 350 degrees. Per your suggestion, I slid the wax paper off the baking sheet and onto the countertop (we have concrete counters, so they are nice and cool), which worked great for cooling. These are fantastic and paired nicely w/my soup!

Morphiuzzz (1 comments)

Thanks! I made these with Pepper Jack cheese and they are amazing.. Problem is I can’t stop eating them :)

gwen (1 comments)

I only had tillamook swiss slices. I wasn't sure if swiss would work or not, but thought it was worth a try. It worked and was very good, but it took about 15 minutes before it was crisp and it never really browned. I suppose it is a high moisture cheese. But, we were pleased and thought it was delicious. We eat swiss because it is lower in sodium. My husband has high blood pressure and low salt is a must. Each slice has only 60mg of sodium and 8 grams of fat. I cut each slice into 16 pieces. Thanks for the recipe.

Barbie (1 comments)

I am a newbie on blogging, but I just ran across this recipe in my low-carb searches and I just had to try them. I made 3 different variations. My favorite was, grated fresh mozzarella and parmesan with dried basil and garlic powder. These “spread” even more than the other cheeses. I finely chopped a tomato, added some black pepper, kosher salt, and a splash of olive oil and used my “cracker” to scoop up that tomato…..absolutely delish.

Laurin (1 comments)

Wow, those sound amazing! I did shredded part-skim mozzarella with red pepper flakes and oregano, and they were great, but now I have to try yours!!

gatyamgal (1 comments)

A Silicone bakeware mat or pan works great. (Remember smartware?) The cheese releases easily. Also cheese with less fat has less holes and puffs up.

Joyce (54 comments)

Thanks for the tip. I should have read it more carefully. =p haha I will definitely try this again.

Joyce (1 comments)

Thanks for the tip. I should have read it more carefully. =p haha I will definitely try this again.

Camille (2 comments)

I've done these with Parmesan for salad garnish and used a Silpat. Worked great!

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

honestly, i have no idea because no matter how many i make they're all gone within a day or two. haha.

Vicki (1 comments)

I’m making these as I type.
… and i even have parchment paper from Christmas 😮

Thanks for the (I’m sure) scrumptious recipe!

Ky (2 comments)

How long do these stay fresh?

Ky (2 comments)

For how long will these keep fresh? I am planning to make some, but not sure how many to make if they don't stay fresh for a few days (who am I kidding, they'll be gone in a day…haha. BUT, just in case!) Thank you!

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

WHOA what is non-stick foil??? I have never seen this! AWESOME and thanks for sharing.

RyanM (1 comments)

If you happen to not have any parchment paper, like myself, and also happen to own a cast-iron skillet, it works perfect! Gives a good flavor too!

Christine (1 comments)

FWIW, foil does work, IF it's NON-STICK foil.

Aaydia (1 comments)

Just tried these. OMG so good! Thank you so much for sharing!

Katie (54 comments)

Wow! I “invented” these when I was a teen. I would cut off a (thick) slice of tasty cheese, put it on a piece of baking paper and microwave it for about 1 1/2 minutes until it was nice and crispy and brown. It was my 'naughty' snack that would have before my mum got home from work – she would have been so mad to know I wasn't sticking to my diet. No wonder I was such a grumpy teenager! =)
I'm glad to see that other people eat them and I wasn't actually being 'naughty'!
xx Katie.

apichea (2 comments)

Thanks for the information! I'll have to run out and get some parchment
paper! :)

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

aw thanks

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

Sounds great! Hope your party guests love them.

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

haha that author must've been a vegetarian TOO LONG… I don't think in a million years that crisp provolone would taste like bacon. But I bet it's awesome. Every other kind of cheese I've tried has been! And provolone is great anyway. mmm.

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

No you can't! A paper grocery sack is just paper… parchment paper is coated/soaked with silicone so that it can withstand high temps and becomes a non-stick surface.
If you have one of those “silpat” type baking sheets that would probably work great!

apichea (2 comments)

Can you use a paper grocery sack if you don't have parchment paper? Otherwise, I'm going to have to run to the store ASAP to get some parchment paper… These sound “to die for”!

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

aw thanks

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

aw thanks

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

aw thanks

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

Sounds great! Hope your party guests love them.

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

Sounds great! Hope your party guests love them.

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

haha that author must've been a vegetarian TOO LONG… I don't think in a million years that crisp provolone would taste like bacon. But I bet it's awesome. Every other kind of cheese I've tried has been! And provolone is great anyway. mmm.

Julie (3 comments)

I saw this a zillion years ago in a vegetarian cookbook using provolone. The author likened the taste to bacon.

Julie (3 comments)

I saw this a zillion years ago in a vegetarian cookbook using provolone. The author likened the taste to bacon.

Vone (2 comments)

We used to make these when I was working in a small restaurant for us to snack on. We called them just that – Cheese crisps. They are so yummy – maybe I'll make them for our next party.

Vone (2 comments)

We used to make these when I was working in a small restaurant for us to snack on. We called them just that – Cheese crisps. They are so yummy – maybe I'll make them for our next party.

valerie (2 comments)

just linked ti ya

valerie (2 comments)

just linked ti ya

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

Wow, what a neat idea! Sounds delicious.

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

Wow, what a neat idea! Sounds delicious.

ckilgore (2 comments)

I make these using parmesan sprinkled with some chopped pistachios and dried cranberries. So yummy!

ckilgore (2 comments)

I make these using parmesan sprinkled with some chopped pistachios and dried cranberries. So yummy!

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

I know, right??? How can this be bad?

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

Excellent! I hope you make them soon & LOVE them as much as I do.

Aunt LoLo (1 comments)

The crunchy bits of cheese that fall out of my grilled cheese sandwhiches are ALWAYS my favorite. Mmmmm.

Jenny (1 comments)

Been looking for a recipe like this for awhile! Mmmm, baked cheese! Bookmarked! 😀

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

good plan Todd

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

hahhahahaha my mom fake-cursed on my blog!

yayanana (106 comments)

Holy….*&^#@ This is PERFECT

Dosenberry (17 comments)

I might make these soon… I will substitute it for my oatmeal :)

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

oh neat.
except i never just want one or two. haha.

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

Waxed paper isn't made to withstand high temperatures the way parchment paper is… so I wouldn't. But you can try it and let me know, if you want.

bobbi (4 comments)

does wax paper work?

M (1 comments)

I tried-it doesn’t. The cheese sticks to it and no matter what, you can’t peel it off. :(

My Life on the Dole (6 comments)

You can also do this in the microwave w/ waxed paper. I think it takes about 20 seconds in microwave. Perfect for when you want just one or two.

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

That would definitely be great! Much better than the “questionable oils” and whatnot.

dianarenata (19 comments)

I want to make these! Maybe for our next family dinner or party, instead of my dad buying “veggie chips” for me, I can get him to make these with me. :)

wiavte (1 comments)

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