May 10th 2012
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Aaaaages and ages ago, Urban Outfitters used to make “tapestries” which were really like awesome hemmed pieces of huge fabric. They still make “tapestries” but now instead of being like regular printed fabric (with a smaller pattern), they mostly have one giant panel printed on them.

I wish they still made them the old way. Because this is one of the ones they had… and I bought it, not knowing exactly what I would use it for. Until I decided it would make fantastic curtains in my little girl’s room.

They were SO easy to make, since I mostly just cut the fabric in half and cut it to length, then hemmed the cut edges.


I had a bit leftover from cutting the panels to the right length, so I decided to make a liner for Anneliese’s laundry basket. It had been bugging me for a while that there was no way to wash the (attached) fabric on the inside of the basket. So a removable liner was an easy solution.

Basically, for the inside, I traced the bottom of the basket and cut an oval to match, then made 2 rectangles and sewed them to the bottom. Since the basket’s sides don’t go straight up and down, I pinned the side seams with the liner in the basket, inside-out. So when I sewed them, it fit perfectly.



After that, all I had to do was sew on the Matryoshka panels and some twill tape to tie bows with, and I had the perfect laundry basket liner for Anneliese’s bedroom.


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