August 29th 2007
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That’s what my husband says when he’s excited about a manly dinner. “Meat… Po-Tay-Toes…Yah” in this crazy-low hyper-masculine voice.

I should post pictures of our house here soon! I just need to take some and make sure they’re good ones. haha.

Meagan (14 comments)

Those pretty dishes almost look like your handiwork, but I don’t remember seeing them in your apartment. Where’d they come from?

admin (108 comments)

Toryn, my guy only says it that way when he’s joking and being silly… but that’s funny about yours!

Meagan, those dishes were made by The Guy’s Mom as a wedding gift. I’m not a potter at all!

Toryn (1 comments)

That’s funny how your wrote out “Po-Tay-Toes” because that’s how my boyfriend always pronounces it, with each syllable clearly ennunciated. I asked him why he says it that way. He’s from the country, and he said that if he doesn’t say it like that, it comes out “taters.” 🙂

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