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“We should get a boat someday. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a boat?” My husband is a fan. He used to do little sailing outings for fun in high school with his NJROTC. And while he has no intention of ever going on a cruise (I may have to someday with just me and the kids, because I kinda want to!), his deployments on ships haven’t seemed to cause any waning of interest in the water.

We’ll be driving down the desert highway, and see a truck go by, dragging a boat behind it. “I wonder where they’re going,” he’ll always say. And then we spend the next 20 minutes speculating about where they could be headed – what water is in that direction, anyway? And talking about what we’d do if we were going to spend a day on the water.

He wants to fish. Fishing is pretty fun to me too, if someone else will poke the bait and take the fish off the hook for me. But I’d rather just enjoy the sun and the breeze and the waves, and maybe go tubing through the water. Have a picnic on the boat, and possibly even stretch out for a little nap.

And whenever I think about lazy days on boats, I’m transported back to my childhood trips to Grass Lake, MI to visit family friends. We’d spend much of the day on the water, taking turns tubing, snuggling wrapped up in big towels (were they big, or was I just small?), and stopping the boat to go for little swims now and then. 

(Yep, that’s little-kid me, back in the 90s. You can’t see my day-glo pink and orange geometric pattern bathing suit because of the life vest, but I promise, it was awesome. And there was probably sun-in in my hair, too.)

Then we’d come back, tired and hungry, and play in the game room, drink too much root beer, and run around in the grass until dinner was ready. I remember this thing Linda made with salmon, asparagus, capers, and lemon… so good – a great way to end a wonderful day in the sun on the water. 

Then, when I was in high school, my family lived on a pond and we had a little boat I could row around in after school or in the summer… I didn’t fish. I didn’t DO much besides row and float. Sometimes I’d go out with my little sister, or my boyfriend, and we’d talk as we drifted around. 

Now, my dad and stepmom still live there, and they still have the same old faithful boat… but my husband and I can paddle our kids around in it. The kids LOVED it. And my three year old still remembers our last visit there (when he was still 2 years old) like it was yesterday. He said “We went to the grass in the boat, and we stayed in the boat. Then we catched fish, and didn’t drop the catcher-fish thingy. The pole. Because my friend Grandpa Ron would cry. I catched it and didn’t eat it. We throwed them back in the water. And then Daddy catched an even bigger fish. He just throwed it back in the water. If we had a pond, I would eat the fish. Then we paddled back to Grandpa Ron’s house.”

(My sweet guys during our December visit.)

As an adult, I’m clueless about boats though. If we ever end up living closer to the water (permanently) and wanting to go for it, boat-wise, my face will be pretty blank if someone asks, “What kind of boat are you looking for?” 

Thankfully, Discover Boating can help with that dilemma… with their Boat Selector you can select what you’d like to use the boat for, how many people need to fit on it, what kind of propulsion you’d like, and if you need the boat to be trailerable. Then, it’ll tell you what kinds of boats fit your needs and explain a bit about each kind (both positives and drawbacks) so you can be more educated about where to start. Then, they’ll help you figure out where to buy a boat.

OR … if you don’t want to own your boat, their “Get on the Water” section will help with finding rentals, classes, charter, or even group ownership options. Rental sounds like a great solution to me for being able to enjoy the water without all of the other stuff that comes with being a boat owner. 

And their “stories of discovery” section will give you a peek into how other families are using boating to make special memories and bring their families closer together. Definitely worth daydreaming about.

What sort of boating memories do you have from your childhood (or more recently)? What’s the best thing about being on the water, and do you own a boat already, or plan to? Have you rented? Tell me everything! 

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