I’m not feeling very generous, so the subtitle of this post is “OR How to Freeze your Butt off at the Crappiest Show Ever.”

I’m sorry, but… yeah.

I was all excited even though I wasn’t feeling so hot, because this show was advertised much more than the other shows I’ve done here were… plus, it was downtown and there were other events happening downtown the same day (Jingle Bell run, Merry Meridian parade, kids singing in the square), so I figured lots of people would be out and about.

It was almost definitely my best booth set-up ever, too.

Merry Meridian Market 2008 - Craft Show

The kid aprons got a lot of attention, but no bites (although one lady said she might email me to get together to buy some later). I displayed my stationery and recipe cards a little differently than usual, which was nice, and the buntings were too cute.

Merry Meridian Market 2008 - Craft Show

Unfortunately, it was below freezing when we arrived at 7:30, and when it finally started warming up (for SOME people… not for us, because we were in the shadow of the huge building behind us) there were these huge strong gusts of wind going down the road, blowing everything. My market totes kept blowing off the hooks and I kept having to readjust them…

Merry Meridian Market 2008 - Craft Show

I watched the sunlight creep slowly across the street, and it finally hit my booth at about 1:30. Most of the day up until that point, my toes were either totally numb or hurting from being so cold. Plus, I was wearing 2 shirts and 3 coats. The top coat is my husband’s big fluffy one…

Oh, and his gloves, too. (This is me trying to smile like I’m not totally ill… I really couldn’t breathe very well through my nose all day, despite taking medicine.)

Merry Meridian Market 2008 - Craft Show

Traffic, at least on our side of the market, was VERY slow. The guy next to me sold nothing all day. The man who was at the Made in the South show who makes the gorgeous hand-turned wooden bowls (priced really low, if you ask me) only sold one bowl all day! The girl across from me brought in $18, and I took in $20. Which means I spent 8 hours in the freezing wind for … negative $5, since the booth fee was $20.

It was nice to talk with people though. The girl across from me makes gorgeous hand-painted (watercolor) ceramic pendants, and we traded a necklace for some recipe cards, because I really loved one that had a little chickadee next to some holly on it.  Flying hippo girl came to say hi, which was awesome even though I was totally out of it and didn’t recognize her at first. And Stacey, the show organizer, gave me a hug when I told her it wasn’t such a great day for me…

I have to say though… I have a wonderful husband. He packed up the car in the morning, helped me get everything set up and taken down (generally, he does the moving and setting up big pieces, and I arrange all the little stuff and pack/unpack it from the boxes). In the middle of the day, he went home to make us sandwiches… then brought them back with a new carafe of hot chocolate/coffee AND our puppy! Zora was so cute and excited… she had never been downtown before, and there were LOTS of new smells.

And this morning, when I woke up at 3:00 all stuffed up, he didn’t smother me with a pillow… he got me some medicine. And then when I woke up again at 7, I took some more medicine and got back in bed. Then he made me chai tea and cheese grits and brought them to me in bed! All day long, he’s been handing me bottles of water to remind me to hydrate, too. Such a good caretaker, and he’s so patient!

So this season, I’ve done 4 events in Meridian- 3 shows and my open house, and the best one was the open house. I sold more at that event than at any other one, it was the least stressful, and also the shortest! Most of the people came in a 2 hour window, which was awesome. Soooo… if any crafters in Meridian are reading this and want to get together for a combined open house sort of show sometime in January or February, let me know! I think it could be really great, especially if we invite our friends, neighbors, coworkers, childrens’ teachers, etc. Just shoot me an email at the contact page if you might want to do that!

In better news, when I came home I sold 3 things to a lady who stopped by my house (Thanks, Martha!) and today I made a sale in my online shop, so that’s a little cheery. 🙂

2 Comments on Merry Meridian Market – Meridian, MS 2008

  1. IamSusie says:

    You need a hat to really keep warm in cold like that! Bummer about the show. I did a boutique like show this weekend. I made about $50 which was pretty good considering the terrible publicity and scarce customers. I’d do it again though! One of the organizers found me through Etsy and we all live in the same suburb of Chicago. Like you, she felt that doing a table at someone’s house is a lot less stressful than a booth at an outdoor show.

    That seller says that she never again wants to do a show that is connected to a carnival or something like that. According to her, those people are there for the activities and not crafty booths.

  2. homemadezen says:

    Sorry to hear that the show didn’t go well, but your set up is beautiful and sounds like your husband is very caring and supportive! I wish you lots of success in your future home show!

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