November 21st 2012
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I'm so excited about MommyCon Mini, a conference for forward-thinking natural mamas. One of my girlfriends and I are making the trip to Las Vegas in January to meet The Mommy Dialogues moms, hear Jessica (aka The Leaky Boob) and Jamie (aka The Baby Guy NYC) speak, and attend workshops about…

  • Baby & Toddler Yoga
  • The Best in Gear for Babies and Tots
  • Carseat Safety and Installation
  • Cloth Diapering for the Modern Family
  • Introduction to Baby-wearing
  • Intermediate & Advanced Wrapping
  • Understand Sleep: for baby, tots and parents
  • The Art of Breastfeeding: Successful Breastfeeding
  • Greener Living – Tips for a safer, cleaner and greener home
  • Pop-up-shop exhibition area offering the best in shopping
  • …and much more!

The Mommy Con facebook page will have updates about the conference, more speakers and sponsors, so keep an eye on it. You can also get updates on Twitter at @MommyConUSA. One of the latest updates is that Boppy is sponsoring a comfy nursing room in case you need a break from the hubbub to feed your baby (of course nursing is welcomed anywhere – this is just another option!). How sweet is that??

So do you want to go? I'm giving away an awesome package including:

  • 2 adult tickets to MommyCon Mini
  • Attendance for any “attached” kids
  • 1 hotel room for 2 nights at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino (which is hosting the event)
  • Lunch the day of the conference (they can accommodate special diets, too)
  • A goodie bag full of gifts from the MommyCon Mini Sponsors

You'll just need to get to Las Vegas and home again, but the rest is taken care of. Ready to meet some awesome moms and learn something new?


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Didn’t win the pass? That’s okay! Get 5% off when you use joyful5 to register at www.mommy-con.com

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_MommyCon Mini! Im attending and YOU can too! | Joyful Abode_ ended up being seriously entertaining and instructive!
In the present day universe that_s tricky to manage.
Regards, Dianne

Thanks a lot for applying some time to compose _MommyCon Mini!
Im attending and YOU can too! | Joyful Abode_. Thanks once more -Leora

Kelly (32 comments)

is this closed? was a winner picked?

Joyful abode (428 comments)

Yes it is closed. The winner is right there in the raffle copter widget. ^^
I had to choose a second winner because the first was unable to attend after all.
Did you also see the discount code, in case you want to buy a pass?

Tiffany (1 comments)

The topic I’m most interested in is successful breastfeeding. Third time’s the charm, right?!:)

Jeannette (1 comments)

I’m excited to learn more about all the green living topics! It has been wonderful incorporating gentle mothering into our lives. I am also excited for my husband to learn baby and toddler yoga so that he can join us. That’s our favorite part of the day!

Megan (1 comments)

I’d so love to go, it sounds like an awesome event! I also really want to meet Kelli in person…we only live a few hours away from each other and are twin-mom and Instagram pals :)

Amorrina (1 comments)

I’d be so stoked to be able to go with my fiancé and daughter. We’d really like to learn more about advance wrapping and baby yoga. Also would love to learn more about cd’ing, we tried for a few months and want to start again.

Mandy (1 comments)

I want to meet all the girls from Mommy Dialogues. And Jessica (TLB)… She is such a role model mama for me. It would be amazing :)

Cassidy (2 comments)

I’m kinda a birth junkie so I would love to learn more!!

Amanda Carnes (1 comments)

I’d love to win and meet some of the IG mamas in real life!

Sarah (1 comments)

I’d love to know more about baby sleeping patterns and baby wearing.

liz pulice (1 comments)

I would most look forward too the baby&toddler yoga, babywearing, and of course a look at some of the most amazing new products line for moms and kids.

Tiffany Ciolino (1 comments)

I’m most looking forward to learning more about natural and home births

Miranda Fry (1 comments)

I want to go!! Please pick me!

Julie (1 comments)

Excited about the sleeping seminar!

Katie (1 comments)

I would love to hear Jaime and Jessica speak and the wrapping class would fun too!

Maggie (19 comments)

The babywearing class sounds cool!

Abigail Hall (1 comments)

I’d be most excited about toddler yoga, the art of breastfeeding, carseat safety, and greener living!

Sara (2 comments)

Most excited about toddler yoga. Never seem to be able to make it to a local class.

Lisa (1 comments)

I’m excited to learn more about baby wearing and try new wraps and learn how to wrap them!

Katy (1 comments)

Toddler Yoga sounds like fun!!

Emily Smith (1 comments)

I would love to attend Mommycon Mini! It just isn’t in my budget right now. I really want to attend the baby carrier booths and parenting classes.

Erin Banks (1 comments)

Really want to attend this awesome conference and meet many of my virtual friends in reality!

Stephanie (1 comments)

This is an amazing giveaway! The babywearing and sleep sessions sound interesting!

Bianca (1 comments)

How exciting! I would love to meet with some like-minded mamas! I would really appreciate learning more about babywearing… :)

Lauren Gonzalez (1 comments)

I am a first time mome to a beautiful 16 week old boy who I love to breastfeed and wear. I would LOVE to attend this conference in my favorite city! :-)

Mackenzi (1 comments)

i am STOKED! i want to go so bad, but we are short on money and we aren’t sure if we’ll be able to come. this would be a huge blessing.

Vanessa P (1 comments)

Green living, breastfeeding, baby wearing

Chani-Claire (25 comments)

I would love to check this out!

Chani-Claire (25 comments)

The intermediate and advanced wrapping would be great to see!

Amber O'Brien (8 comments)

Would be excited to learn about Baby & Toddler Yoga! My toddler loved to do it with daddy now and I want to get in on the fun with them and baby too!

Megan (1 comments)

I am excited to learn about the products available in the marketplace area.

Kelli (8 comments)

I would LOVE to learn more about ALL of these things, especially baby wearing!

Michelle (2 comments)

I’m excited to learn more about babywearing.

Michelle (2 comments)

Thanks for the chance to win tickets!

Grace Soraparu (1 comments)

I would love to learn more about natural birthing and advanced baby-wearing!

Dawn (1 comments)

I’m exited for advanced babywearing!

Becky Y (1 comments)

Advanced babywearing session!

.ambre. (14 comments)

Sleep has been a challenge for us for about six years now. That one sounds great. :)

Rebecca Hoy (1 comments)

This sounds really fun! I need that sleep info session…

Leigha (12 comments)

Oh my goodness!! This would be amazing!! I am most excited about the cloth diapering!! Would love to see more options!

Kim (1 comments)

i would love to learn more on green living and attachment parenting, in any way possible.

Nichole (18 comments)

I would love to learn more about sleep. who would have thought sleep would be so hard? anyways, all of the topics sound awesome and of course I’d love to meet some internet heroes I read everyday! :-)

Heather blades (1 comments)

I am interested in the green living and sleep

Molly (1 comments)

I want to learn more about baby wearing and what is normal for toddler sleep.

Julia (2 comments)

I’m excited to learn more about baby wearing

Julia (2 comments)

Sounds awesome would love to win!

Whitney Bofferding (2 comments)

I would love to win to actually MEET some of my favorite mommies! What am I most excited about?? Probably the babywearing and wrapping class!

Alisha Mancinas (2 comments)

Omg! This would be amazing!! I would live more info on bring green!!

Alisha Mancinas (2 comments)

Omg! This would be amazing!! I would live more info on bring green!!

Kate (1 comments)

I would love to meet you

Emma F. (1 comments)

I would love to know more about wrapping. And I also want to meet all of my internet friends aaaaah!!!!

Katie (1 comments)

Would be an awesome start for the year!

Bree (5 comments)

If I won, firstly I’d be most excited about the car seat safety portion (just to see what they go over ;P).. and secondly, the best gear. Both of those things make me excited! lol

Kelly (32 comments)

i would love to win!!

Christine (1 comments)

Sounds fun and informative!! I’m always interested in greener living!

Rosie (9 comments)

What am I most excited about? Besides getting to see you gals? Probably advanced wrapping instruction (I’m in a it of a rut with my DH) and just the collaboration of all things parenting.

Rosie (9 comments)

Me! Pick me! Hehe I want to go!

Leslie Henkel (1 comments)

What an amazing give away!!!!!

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