Remember the last time I made Asian noodles? I had an extra steak which I threw in the freezer…

Well I used it in another incarnation of the noodle bow.

More Asian Noodles

This time I did it a little differently… my veggies were bamboo, baby corn, mung bean sprouts, and snow peas (which I blanched). Man, I love snow peas.

More Asian Noodles

I didn’t sear the meat and then slice it… I sliced it raw and threw in the pieces of meat just before everything was done. (Then put the snow peas in at the last minute just to heat them through.)

More Asian Noodles

I also didn’t mix the noodles in with the rest of the stuff…instead I put them in a bowl:

More Asian Noodles

And then topped them with the good stuff.

More Asian Noodles

Things I’d do differently next time:

  • add the mung bean sprouts at the same time as the blanched snow peas, just to heat them through. They don’t need to cook, and they get soggy when they get too hot for too long… I want the crunch!
  • Mix the noodles in with the rest of the stuff. It was harder to eat with the “filling” on top and the noodles didn’t soak up as much of the flavor/sauce.

Things I loved:

  • It was easier to just throw in the raw meat slices… not sure why I didn’t do that the first time.
  • SNOW  PEAS are so fantastic. It could’ve honestly just been a bowl of snow peas and I’d have been just as happy.

In other news… I’ve been playing around a bit “behind the scenes.” I’m working on a custom stationery design for Navy Wives Clubs of America. It might be available/sold at the Regional Convention here in Meridian. Anyone planning to attend?

I’m also making some lovey dovey designs, which won’t be available in time for Valentine’s day unfortunately, but WILL be in time for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and everyday if all goes according to plan.

Also, I want to switch my shop to ZenCart, but it will take me a while and a lot of trial and error to get it set up. Bonus for you: if/when I do switch, I’ll have lots more coupon code options and you’ll get tons of more creative deals (if you are signed up for my newsletter).  If anyone has ZenCart design experience and wants to volunteer to help, let me know!

I’m also getting VERY tired of having my discontinued items around. What do you think of a “make me an offer” sale, where I’d post the things I want GONE and you could tell me what you’d be willing to give me for them? hehe. For now they’re still in my shop at hugely discounted prices. We’ll see what I do with them…

6 Comments on More Asian Noodles… a bit different this time

  1. Chase says:

    Precisely how long did it take u to post “More Asian Noodles… a bit different this time – Joyful Abode”?
    It seems to have quite a lot of excellent details.
    Appreciate it -Laurel

  2. Chelsea says:

    Yum! The snow peas look really good and fresh.

  3. Joyful Abode says:

    The sauce is the same as what I did last time. Here’s the link:
    Basically soy sauce, water, corn starch, sugar, and oyster sauce.

  4. yayanana says:

    What is the sauce?

  5. lyncee says:

    looks yummy, I love the step by step pics! And good luck with the zencart

  6. This looks so good… I have a fear of Asian foods (cooking, not eating) but want to conquer it!! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

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