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Guess what, everyone! I'm a Dollar General blog ambassador now. Remember the Huggies series I did last year, where Huggies sponsored several posts on parenting and pregnancy topics, but basically let me "do my thing"? This is going to be similar, which is really really exciting to me. It means I'll get to bring you great content (crafts, recipes, activities, and more – all on a Dollar General budget) and get paid to do it. 

So it's May, and I was challenged to come up with a Mother's Day craft or celebration using items from Dollar General. This is what I picked up:


There are streamers and balloons to decorate with, a gift bag for the final product (I'm giving myself a gift here… doing the craft with my kids and wrapping it up for myself. haha!), posterboard, glue, watercolor paints,  a vase for some flowers – the kids can pick some roses from our yard, picture frames, and some cards my husband picked out with my kids. I still haven't looked at the cards because I want to be surprised.

Obviously the streamers, balloons, gift bag, vase, and cards will be exciting to "discover" on mother's day, and you can imagine how you'd use them in your own home (I hope the husbands/dads are reading this!). My easiest ever balloon garland is definitely happening over here. 

But what I'm sharing with you in this post is the watercolor handprints. It's so simple, but it looks really lovey. I still need to get Joseph to do his painting so I can do his, but Anneliese's is finished so I'm not waiting any longer to show you! And I've got a little trick that will blow you away. 

Framed Watercolor Handprints

You will need:

  • regular paper
  • watercolor paints and brush
  • poster paper or card stock
  • glue stick
  • photo frame
  • your mini artist
  • clear tape
  • optional – a photocopy of your kiddo's hand. 


Here's what to do:

  1. Photocopy your kiddo's hand, if you have access to a copier. THIS IS THE AWESOME TRICK. Have you ever tried to trace a wiggly toddler's hand? Kinda impossible. But spread that little hand onto a photocopier and you've got a non-wiggly hand to cut out. BAM!
  2. Get your mini artist to paint a watercolor painting. It's great if they use a LOT of color in one spot, because you want as much color as possible on their little handprint.
  3. Let the painting dry.
  4. Cut out their handprint copy and tape onto the most colorful part of the painting. Use as much tape as you want, because when you cut out the painting, it won't be on the part you use.


  5. Cut out the hand again… and peel the copy-hand off of the painting-hand. 
  6. Or if you didn't have a photocopy, trace their hand onto their painting and then cut out. 
  7. Use a glue stick to adhere the handprint to a piece of posterboard the size of your picture frame. 
  8. If you decide to write words, use a ruler or something so you don't end up with crooked ones like mine. Oops.


I hope you liked this Mother's Day craft, brought to you by Dollar General ! Be sure to check out your local Dollar General store to get your supplies and make your own! 

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