When I was pregnant, I felt like poo and didn’t want to do much of anything. Cooking, cleaning, crafting, anything. Now that this baby is OUT (and awesome by the way) I have renewed energy and motivation. And an excuse to craft. An excuse to craft a lot of things.

You’ve seen some of the little dresses I’ve made for Anneliese. I have pieces cut out for several more, but haven’t sewn them together yet.

I’ve picked up a blanket I started crocheting… oh, about 6 years ago… it’s going to take a while to finish because it’s going to end up pretty big, and the cables slow me down a bit. But I’m working on it again.


I’ve picked up embroidery again (which I’ve always LOVED), to embellish some pockets for a super-secret project. I can’t reveal the whole project yet, but here’s a sneak of one I’m making for a friend:


…and one I’m making for myself:



I have fabric for lots of diaper inserts cut out and ready to go once I set up and figure out my new serger. The light blue is just some satin I’m going to serge into rectangles to put under my girl’s head when she sleeps, to hopefully stop all her hair from rubbing off when she moves her head… hopefully it’ll grow in by Christmas? The dark blue fabric is for another project.


This area has been getting a lot of use lately… my laptop is exiled to the living room.


This sucker needs to be set up and played with a bit… it came with instructional DVDs I need to watch! The husband just set up a big folding table in the office for me to put this on.


So basically, you’re going to be seeing a lot more projects coming up… my craft mojo is back!

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  1. Kate says:

    Hi there…

    Saw your absolutely adorable photos on NaBloPoMo and decided to click on over to your blog. Love it!

    Come say hi over at my blog, Delicious as Pie. It’s about to get busy on our blogs, isn’t it?

    Kate (www.deliciousaspie.blogspot.com)

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  3. Tawanna says:

    Glad to see you got your craft mojo back! We’ve been on a craft sort of roll at our house too. I’m not a pro crafter but we try. I’ve got older girls I enjoy crafting with as well as a 15 month old I love sewing for! I’m wanting to get a new sewing machine but for now, the one we have is working. Love your blog and can’t wait to see your new projects!

  4. Susan says:

    Oh now you should know how VERY jealous of you I am !!! My two babies were SO hard, never sleeping [my daughter suffered from terrible colic, day and night for around 2 years, and screamed the whole time, couldn’t be left as she would go puce …and she slept around 20 minutes per day !!] that I could hardly make a cup of tea in the day let alone cook, clean, or have time for my crafting or anything else !!!

    I am so glad you have a baby that is easy going … and that you feel your mojo is back !! It’s so dreadful to feel exhausted and horrible all the time!

    My daughter and my grandchildren [little girl aged 21 months and boy aged 5 years going on 120 years….] just flew home to the UK from here with us in Portugal today! Once I pick up the myriad toys, pens, drawings etc and wash their bed linen… I hope MY mojo comes back soon too !!! lol!

    I love your craft stuff AND your recipes btw !!

    • Joyful Abode says:

      aww that sounds rough!
      not every day is easy – yesterday she was awake all day long and nursing most of the time. I think growth spurt? So I didn’t get one thing done!
      Other days she has a couple naps and it’s super-nice.

      I hope you get your mojo back soon!!!

  5. Amy Lynne says:

    I’m glad to see you crafting again! I call my time with the sewing machine my therapy! Have fun!

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