How to teach kids to help cook in the kitchen. Have special one-on-one time with each kid to do a special cooking project! Great idea for how to teach kids to cook.

Kids can cook real food - but we need to teach them how. Here's how I'm teaching my kids to cook and giving my kids an arsenal of kitchen skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

Zora's IAMS visible differences challenge - part 1

Zora's going to embark on a little challenge this month - let's see what visible differences happen! This is part 1, with a sweet video of her playing in the back yard.

Family travel gear - 8 essentials you won't want to get caught without. traveling with kids ideas

Do you have a family vacation or trip coming up? You won't want to be without these 8 essentials for family travel. What's on my gear list?

How I earned $1569 from my blog in one month, and some exciting developments for my blog's future. Want to make money from home? Starting a blog might be the way to go.

How I made nearly $1000 after expenses this month, and why I don't mind that it's a lower-income month for me. Life. Is. Awesome.


Want to save on your energy bill? Here are 3 ways to cut costs.

May Daily Homemaking Tasks & Quotes

Time for the most¬†Hardcore Homemakers to get ready for May! Print out the first page of this PDF for a condensed list of daily homemaking tasks for the month, and cross them off or highlight them as you do each one. Read the in-depth description of each 15-minute task each day, along with a daily quote to motivate you and get you thinking about the bigger reasons behind what you’re accomplishing in your home.

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