SoundBub by WavHello is an awesome portable bluetooth speaker for kids. My kids cannot get enough! The perfect gift for music-loving kids.

When I was a kid, I had a little tape player I carried around with me everywhere. I listened to the radio, to stories on tape, and of course to cassettes. My parents usually had music playing in the car, and my dad is a musician so there was always his guitar and piano playing too.

Music was the soundtrack of my childhood.

And my kids love music too, but up until now, I haven’t had a really convenient way for them to take it with them while they’re playing.

We tried a CD player (a regular sized one and a personal/portable one), but the kids had a really hard time handling the CDs properly, so they would skip and stop from smudges and scratches. Then, the CD player broke and we gave up on that idea.

They also have an old iPod (second generation iPod touch) which worked for a while, but over the years, the battery has stopped holding a charge well. And it’s very quiet even when it does work.

So when WavHello sent me a SoundBub bluetooth speaker, I knew the kids would be in heaven. I chose their Bella the Bunny design, because my son particularly LOVES the rabbits we see all over the desert where we live. He gets so excited and refers to them as “my lil bunny pets!” When I opened the package, he immediately jumped up and down and exclaimed, “It’s a lil bunny pet!”

Kids playing outside listening to music on their soundbub bella the bunny speaker Kids playing outside while listening to music on their soundbub bluetooth speaker by wavhello

Honestly, I thought the speaker might also be great for my baby, Henry. I imagined clipping it to his stroller for him to listen to music or white noise as we go for walks. (It has built-in ocean sounds and rain sounds for relaxing white noise.) But he’s hardly gotten a moment to use it, since the big kids immediately claimed the SoundBub.

The speaker effortlessly connects to any bluetooth device you already have – there was no complicated setup to do. So, the kids tell me they want dance music or relaxing music or whatever type of thing they’re in the mood for, I select their album on my phone, then they run off with the bunny!

The range is pretty good, so I (or my phone) don’t have to be right near them while they’re using their SoundBub. They can play outside if I’m in the living room, or go in the playroom if my phone is charging in the kitchen.

There’s also a fold-up handle on the SoundBub which acts as a hook for hanging the speaker, or as a stand for propping it up. But Joey’s favorite thing to do is clip it to the neckline of his shirt and wear it as he walks around and plays. (I’m really sad I don’t have a picture of this. He does it ALL the time.)

kids playing in their pool, listening to music on their soundbub bella the bunny bluetooth speaker kids playing in their pool outside

I’m so glad that my kids are starting to have the experience of music EVERYwhere that I had when I was a kid.

Sure, I played music on my phone before, but they couldn’t run off with it in the backyard or their playroom, or wherever else to enjoy it on their own.

Sometimes it’s crazy “dancing music” and kids songs to sing along with. (I really dislike most kids’ music, but I’ve found a few artists and albums we all love, so I don’t have to puncture my eardrums in misery.)

kids dancing in the living room to music playing on their soundbub bluetooth speaker for kids kids having a dance party in the living room, listening to music on their wavhello bluetooth speaker

Other times, it’s “peaceful lullabies” for quiet time or reading.

However you look at it, our Bella the Bunny SoundBub bluetooth speaker is one of the kids’ favorite things now, and I love that music is becoming more embedded into their lives. They’ve started singing on their own, even when no music is playing, too!

And THAT is music to MY ears.

kids enjoying some quiet music on the couch with their soundbub bella the bunny bluetooth speaker kids reading and listening to soft music on their portable bluetooth speaker for children - soundbub by wavhello

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3 Comments on The Perfect Gift for Music-Loving Kids

  1. Erin says:

    That speaker is too cute. We have a jambox and love the ease of transport. A speaker like yours is perfect for kids!

  2. Ashley says:

    I totally need one of these for my toddler! Music is such an important part of our lives!
    Ashley | Raspberry Glow

  3. Erika summers says:

    This is awesome! My dancing toddler would love this!

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