At first, when I was dabbling in the primal way of eating (grain free, whole, natural, unprocessed foods) I tried to get rid of our un-primal pantry staples by bringing them to parties. Fiesta night? I’ll make the Mexican rice! Recipe swap? I’ll bring pasta salad! Cookout? I’ll bring macaroni and (velveeta, fake) cheese with corn in it!

But now that most of our grainy pantry items are gone, I try to make delicious party foods that I can actually enjoy while I’m at the event. So this five-part series includes a few of my ideas for primal party foods, because you can’t always bring steak and eggs. Several of these are healthy low-carb snacks, so if you’re an Atkins/South Beach person, you can also benefit from these.

primal party food

No-Carb Snack Skewers

These skewers are great if you are trying to get in some protein while keeping your carbs as low as possible. Maybe you’re in ketosis and want to stay that way, or maybe you just love meat and think veggies are for sissies. Either way, you’ll enjoy these easy-to-make snack skewers. They couldn’t be simpler.

Thread onto bamboo skewers:

  • Summer sausage, cut into chunks (be sure to get one that doesn’t have added sugars or nitrates/nitrites, if you can)
  • Aged sharp cheddar cheese chunks

That’s it! A great way to enjoy a “meat and cheese platter” without having to deal with the bland, crumbly, carby crackers.

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    They look delicious. I wonder if they are low cal. recipes!

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