October 28th 2009
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Some nights you might only have a few minutes to cook, or you don’t feel like thawing meat, worrying about seasonings, or preheating the oven.

This is a perfect meal for those nights. All you need is a smoked sausage from your grocery store or local butcher (try to get one without added sugar or nitrates/nitrites if you can), an onion, and a bell pepper or two.

sausages, peppers, onions

Slice the onion and peppers and toss them in a little bit of olive oil, then start them sauteing over medium heat in a pan.

Meanwhile, slice your sausage. When you’re done, throw the slices in with the peppers and onions.

sausages, peppers, onions

Toss and keep cooking until the veggies are the way you like them and the meat is heated through (remember, it’s already cooked so you don’t have to worry about that). Taste it and add some salt and/or pepper if you need to. But likely, you won’t need to add anything since sausage has so much flavor!

If sausage isn’t your speed, try Tuna Salad, My Way – it’s another super-fast meal which requires hardly any prep or clean-up.

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