For a while, my jewelry has been lumped together in a jewelry box. When I want to wear earrings, I have to hunt for mates… when I want to wear a necklace, I must first unravel it from a tangle of its cousins.

Not anymore! If you have this problem too, you might enjoy making some gorgeous jewelry boards for your bedroom (or dressing room, if you have one… I have heard of such things).

You’ll need frames. Buy them on sale! Sometimes Michael’s has a selection of frames on clearance. I got mine at Linens n Things. Buy one get one 1/2 off.

You will also need cork. I bought 4 square-foot boards from Michael’s with a 50% off coupon. I only spent 5 bucks on them.

You will need hot glue, a ruler, an exacto knife or similar blade, stapler (regular kind), fabric, coordinating ribbon, coordinating pins, and a FEW minutes.

Remove the glass from the frames, but save the cardboard. Using the cardboard as a guide, cut your cork to size. It’s ok to piece it in order to make it big enough. No one will know.

Then, use your amazing hot glue gun to affix the cork to the cardboard.

Now, cut your fabric a little larger than your cork/cardboard mess. You can always trim it later, so err on the larger size. Place your mess cork-side-down onto the wrong side of the fabric. Stretch and staple. Staple a lot. And look out for those corners!

Now, if you just want a plain old covered cork board, you’re pretty much done.

For the magical jewelry boards though, pull out your coordinating ribbon.

Turn over your boards and measure where you want your ribbons. Mark with a pen. Don’t worry… no one will see the back.

Now, wrap your ribbons and staple staple staple (on the back, of course).

See what we’re getting at? Now they’re ready for the frames!

You’ll probably have to kind of cram them into the frames, because they’re a little bulkier than a photo… but it’s worth it. Make sure you secure your board by bending the little metal thingies down.

Check it out!

Now pull out your coordinating pins and your ruler. Add pins below your ribbons, about an inch apart. These are what you’ll hang your necklaces on. I pushed my pins in almost all the way, and then bent them out a bit so they’re like hooks.

Now, hang your jewelry and you’re ready to go! Hook your earrings over the ribbons, and hang your necklaces.

I really like this because everything is out where I can see it. It also really looks like the jewelry is framed, and since I chose frames, fabric, and ribbons that coordinate with our bedroom, it’s like a piece of art.

Let me know if you make some! I’d love to see photos.
And if you have a different solution for your jewelry storage, please comment about it. Another reader may prefer your solution.

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  6. Hilary says:

    I got a 11 x 14 inch frame and cork board at michaels and the pre cut fabric quarters. It worked perfectly! You can also just stick normal post earrings in the board and store the backs in a little container. 🙂

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  8. Heidi says:

    I made one of these this weekend and I love it! Thanks so much for posting this great idea. I did use the idea of having a vertical strip of ribbon down the side for post earrings and just used one of the pins (I used wood tacks) to hold down the bottom edge. I only put my bigger post earrings here, the smaller ones are in my jewelery box. The space inside the frame ended up being about 17 1/2″ x 9″. I should have made it bigger but didn’t realize I had so many necklaces.

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  10. heather says:

    That’s a wonderful idea but just put mine in plastic bag and store them in them pull out plastic draws. You can buy the draws at wallmart, target, i also use a old 70’s spice rack i found at a thrift store and i use it for nail pollishes, i just hung it up on my wall and placed all my pollishes on it. I get clothes of complaments on it. Its cheapand looks really nice and i use my pollish more often. Just go to a second hand store and look for a spice rack. I do however need tips on hair acsessories and how to store them. And any other kinds of ideas formakeup storage. I’m a single Mom and have a budget so any kinda help, helps. I wish i could buy more makeup and have a nice makup collection never have i had the money to blow on machine cosmetics but im happy with what i can get. But would love to try it out. Thanks for tipss. Heather.

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  12. Drip Tray says:

    we have different jewelry boxes at home and most of them comes from my mother who like to collect jewelry boxes ;;”

  13. Laura says:

    Great idea! I keep my earrings in ice cube trays (in a drawer), but my necklaces are a mess. This is much cuter than jewelry boxes I’ve seen, and it will work for long necklaces too.

  14. Naomi Fieldew says:

    That is really cool. I'm so over my jewellery mess – I think I'm going to give this a shot! Well done! My only question – do you have really long and thick jewellery? A lot of mine are really chunky and I'm worried it will be too heavy/bulky?

    • Nerissa says:

      Hi Naomi, I saw your concern about the jewelry boards holding your heavy bulky jewelry, and I so happen to make boards as well. If you would like more info and pics contact me through e-mail. [email protected]. They are pretty cheap as well.

  15. Gem Valez says:

    i have this really pretty fabric, i hang it to the door then stick my jewelery in it 1 2 3 lol its cute & affordable 😉 (the fabric has shimmery metallic beading and is easy to penetrate

  16. Denise says:

    Hi! I love this idea, I actually use over-the-door hangers (for robes or towels). Mine consists of six hooks, six little ones above the longer ones. On each long hook I place my necklaces by colors and on the top ones I place my bracelets. As for my earrings, I reused a small board that a jewerly set came in, I made small holes with a needle and fed the earrings through hooking them in the back.
    So this can be hung behind your door, or like I did, you can unbend the over-the-door loops and make them straight and nail them to wall.

    It's a bit complicated to explain but I hope everyone got that! 🙂

  17. boxes_crates says:

    That's the great article! I just pass 'n read it, two thumbs up! 😉

  18. Joyce says:

    I like this idea. I used foam board instead of cork board and I used double sticky tape I made them for my grandaughters. I give them jewelry and find it on their floor or in a mess on their chest of drawers because they do not have a box big enough to keep all the little girls necklaces and bangles sorted. Thanks again.

  19. monali says:

    Gr8 idea.I was wondering what should i do to organize my lots of earrings.But u gave me a great solution.thanks.

  20. Jack Jones Jeans says:

    nice post

  21. Gabriella says:

    I think its beautifull, Ive had the same problem as most people..all my jewellry is tangled and mixed up in a box. This board idea is something I will do and hang on back of wardrobe door.

    With the issue of post earings you could substitute the lower band/ribbon for an elasticated one? this way you could easily attach the post earings. Attaching a vertical piece of ribbon on the side is good too.


  22. Joyful Abode says:

    Hillary, just enough to cover the cork parts that will go in your frames… so it depends on the size of your frames and how many you’re making!

  23. How much fabric do you recommend I buy?

  24. ShirleyKer says:

    great idea! Another suggetion, Frame or trim with ribbon the plastic sheet that is usually used to do needlework and hang on the wall. The holes are perfect for hanging all types of earrings.

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  26. How clever! I think my mom needs something like this. Great Mother’s Day gift.

  27. Thats such a cool idea, i’ll hafta make that sometime! thanks for sharing!

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  29. Courtney says:

    This is really cute but you should NOT hang beaded necklaces. Over time the weight of the beads will make the necklace stretch. This is probably not a big concern for plastic/costume jewelry, but if you have pearls or stone beads you should lay the necklaces flat if possible. Perhaps some kind of shelf or pocket would work.

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  32. yayanana says:

    SO MANY good ideas….

  33. lindsay says:

    all I did with my earrings was to take one of the large embroidery hoops, a doubled over piece of tulle (is that how you spell it?), and a little glue for stabilty. I fixed that all together and hung it inside my bathroom door. I love it!

  34. Michelle says:

    Looks great! But if you don’t want your jewelry out on display, you can do what my friend did. She adhered cork board to the inside of her medicine cabinet door and used push pins to hang her necklaces (though even in this case you could still use pretty fabric, ribbon, and pins as well…for your own personal enjoyment).

  35. Joyful Abode says:

    The guy just came up with a great idea for post earrings. Staple a VERTICAL ribbon, but only connect it at the top, so it hangs freely. Then put your post earrings through that ribbon.
    If you don’t like the dangling idea, you can add a snap at the bottom so that it’s more secure when you’re not removing/replacing earrings.

    Of course… I don’t wear post earrings, so that wasn’t a concern of mine with these.

    Bethany, I’m so glad you like it!

  36. Jessica says:

    what do you do if you have earings on posts not hooks?

  37. Bethany says:

    That is way better than the wire mesh method and much prettier! Love it!

  38. Joyful Abode says:

    Those are some other neat ideas!

    Thanks MrsDragon… I had a hard time coming up with random “things about me”, but I’ll think on it.

  39. MrsDragon says:

    I love my solution which I bought off etsy:

    Simply adore it. : )

    PS. I tagged you on my blog, so feel free to participate if you like. : )

  40. BreadBox says:

    To create partitions in an 8×10 or so jewelery box, make origami masu boxes: about 2×2 inches each: they are one of the simplest and oldest origami designs.
    There is also another related fold, not so well known, which creates a little 2×2 divider for each box, so an 8×10 box can be partitioned into 80 little areas in which to place rings or earrings.
    And if you use really nice origami paper, it can be extremely decorative too!


  41. yayanana says:

    Too Cute! My Birthday is in November…
    Cherry wood frames…hmmmmm

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