Jul 09 2012
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I’m starting a little project… but I think I’m doing it technically wrong.
little project
Do you recognize what this is?

Also?? It’s crazy hot here now… like crazy hot.
crazy hot
What are your favorite hot-weather meals and snacks? I’ve been eating a lot of salads and grilling on my new George Foreman grill (I even put my coffee maker in a cabinet so the GF could have a permanent spot on the counter).

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  1. katie says:

    Wow it is hot! It is hot here too, although we haven’t reached the 100’s. I have been baking a few meals/staples at once, either early in the morning, or most often later at night when the kids are in bed. I have been doing a big pan of chicken legs (easy to reheat later or serve cold for lunches), a grain-free sandwich bread (for an easy NB&jelly sandwich lunch or dinner) and some meatballs (with chopped beef liver added). I might do a squash or 2, to use later in recipes. I need to break out my George Foreman again, great idea!

  2. jeannette says:

    i just recently caught up on all your good news after finding you in 2008 with your great shisha tutorial, thanks so much.
    love the elimination communication stuff, wisdom from the east, like shisha! and beautiful zora and her kindly training!
    aaaaaaanyway, it’s scorching here too. this oldie but goodie cookbook has about 25 different delicious recs for entree aspic — i did one with smoked fish, beets, apple, heavenly.

    adelle davis was a favorite of the hippie cooks of the 70s, and she’s still good news.

    the other thing i’m doing is the no cook soups featured in martha’s july 2012 issue.
    the cantaloupe/lime/chili was awesome. next up, yellow pepper/yogurt/harissa.

  3. Nichole says:

    why do you think you are doing it wrong?

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