My sweet guy got sick last week and didn’t get to fly from Sunday until this past Sunday… an entire week with no cockpit time.
There was only a little bit of this:

But there was a lot of grumping around and being angry at not being able to fly. But homemade turkey noodle soup (with homemade stock) and a giant pot of tea helped him get back on his feet.

Tip: You can totally make tea in your coffee maker. Just put the loose tea in the filter.
Sick husbands need tea

Stir in some sugar or honey, then pour over lemon slices for sickies.
Sick husbands need tea

And now he’s feeling all better… he got to fly yesterday, one flight this morning, and he’s scheduled for two flights tomorrow.
Sick husbands need tea

4 Comments on Sweet Sick Man

  1. ilena says:

    glad he’s feeling better. sick men are the PITS. and hey I’m a hokie too!!! (’90)

  2. HanamiGallery says:

    I never thought of making tea in a coffee maker! What a great idea!

  3. MonsterBug Blankets says:


    Glad hubby is feeling better–these pilots get CRANKY when they do not get to fly! 🙂 Weather is so nice here, I rarely see those withdrawals anymore. 🙂

    Did hubby got to VA Tech? I grew up in Roanoke…. 🙂


  4. We have the same coffeepot… and thanks for the tip about tea!

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