May 9th 2012
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In an effort to brighten up the kitchen and dining room, I decided to bring in yellow and white, and trade our dark dining furniture for something lighter. We sold our dark wooden table (which was wonderful, but very big in our space here) and got this light-colored one from Ikea (and the place mats are from Ikea too).


Then I hit the sewing machine. I made some giant rectangles out of my yellow and white fabric (from fabric.com), and lined them with white flat sheets from wal-mart.


I hung them on the curtain rod using these, which just make it SO easy to make your own curtains.


Yay! Brightness!


I also got chevron fabric at fabric.com, and used it to make some simple half-curtains for above the sink and the small window in the dining area.


When the curtains were finished, I needed to re-cover the chair cushions. These are so easy it’s ridiculous. I un-screwed the seats and pried up the old fabric (so long, Jessica Jones)…


…it was lovely having you in my dining room. But it’s time to move on.


And then just stapled on the new fabric. Simple!


I covered two chair seats with each fabric.


(Oh yeah, this is when I was still pregnant. Sorry, y’all… so behind on blogging this stuff.)


And then one weekend, my sweet husband spray painted the chairs white. He did NOT want to. Men have a gene that makes them morally opposed to painting wood. But he did it. And then admitted it looked pretty great and cheerful in there. And it does.


I LOVE my new bright dining room.

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