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We’ve been making these Coconut Flour Pancakes (Fluffy Paleo Pancakes!) nearly every Saturday for over 5 years now. We love them, and you will too!

Feb 24 2013
Category: Food

Some of you know I did a Whole30 “Paleo Challenge” during the second part of January through the middle of February. I didn’t blog about it (obviously) but I posted a bit on twitter and Instagram about it. It was good. Seriously. I craved milk, hot chocolate, chocolate ganache, hard. At the beginning, anyway… I

I apologize. I’ve been digesting this book slowly, and because I haven’t finished reading it yet, I haven’t written a review. Until now, because I can’t hold it in anymore. Even though I don’t know how the story ends. The Food Lovers Make it Paleo by Bill Staley and Hayley Mason FINISHED READING IT??? It’s

So, as you know, my husband is in the military. He has a job in which he has to carry all sorts of survival gear on his body just in case. *shudder* And even if he doesn’t end up in the middle of nowhere surviving while waiting for someone to rescue him, he still has

One thing about eating the way that we do – mostly meat, produce, eggs, and dairy – is that it makes it difficult to have a store of food ready in case of an emergency. On the east coast, that would mean hurricanes or tornadoes. Out here, that means possibly an earthquake (which my husband

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