Tropical Traditions Coupon Codes
Since I order TONS of groceries from Tropical Traditions, and I use their coconut oil daily for cooking and body applications, I absolutely have to tell you about it when they have free shipping or other great coupons.

Tropical Traditions Free Shipping Coupon Code (January 2015)

There is a free shipping coupon code right now, which can save you tons of money if you order a lot like I do, or make it pretty “risk free” to try something new if you only want to order a couple of things to try.

Tropical Traditions Raw Honey Sale

Right now, the Organic Raw Honey at Tropical Traditions is 50% off. This is my favorite honey ever, and I’m not even a “honey girl.” I just ordered 3 jars. A little goes a long way, so that will last me a while. You HAVE to try it if you haven’t already!

Tropical Traditions Bison Patties Sale

Ground bison patties are 30% off right now! I haven’t tried these before, but just ordered a package of 24 patties (6 packages of 4), because even though I love my beef+bacon+jalapeno burgers (I really should post that recipe), having ready-made patties sometimes would be really nice. I’ll have to add my review to this page once I give them a try!

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Sale

Right now, Tropical Traditions has their  Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil priced at 2 quarts for $45. Regular price for this oil is $40, so this is an amazing deal!

 I use their gold label coconut oil for:

  • Baking
  • Coconut oil fudge
  • Lotion
  • Massage oil for after baths for the kids (with lavender essential oils mixed in)
  • Oil pulling (dental care)
  • Sunscreen (yes, just coconut oil, and yes it works)
  • Deep conditioning hair treatment
  • And I’m sure a billion other things.


This is my huge post with all of my favorite products from Tropical Traditions, and the latest Tropical Traditions coupon codes.

I’ll add more to it as I have time, and as I try more products, but know that this is just a SMALL sampling of the things I love and buy from Tropical Traditions on a regular basis.

Coconut oil

I use the gold label oil for almost everything, but their expeller pressed (flavorless) oil for cooking meats and vegetables that I don’t want the coconut flavor in (the gold label is great in baking and curries though).

Other Coconut Products

Coconut cream concentrate, in smoothies, homemade candies (like my homemade York Peppermint Patty recipe) , fudge, and so forth. My daughter likes to just eat it with a spoon. Check out my longer review of Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream Concentrate.

Shredded coconut, coconut chips – dehydrated coconut without any other ingredients. I use them in granola bars, grain free cookies of awesomeness, macaroons, paleo breakfast cereal, and more. Again, my daughter just likes to eat it plain. (Read my longer review of Tropical Traditions shredded coconut.)

Coconut flour, which I use in baking, my grain-free pancakes, grain-free waffles, and just generally lots of recipes. A little goes a long way!

Other Food

Grass fed beef – I order my ground beef from Tropical Traditions almost all the time. (I recently tried US Wellness Meats, but other than that I’ve been TT all the way.) I can’t say enough about the quality and flavor of their beef, as well as their great shipping methods. It arrives here still frozen solid, even on the hottest days. (They also have bison and other meat available.)

Fair trade chocolate
I can’t place an order without including a few bars of chocolate. I love the very dark chocolate, chocolate with espresso, and mint chocolate. Their cocoa powder is also to die for.

Organic Raw Honey
I’ve always been kind of “meh” about honey… I mean I liked it enough, but wouldn’t go nuts over it. Until this honey. It’s so amazing…the texture is unlike any honey I’ve tasted before, ever. And the flavor is intense somehow, without being overpowering. I can eat it right from a spoon (and have). I love the way it enhances recipes I use it in, and really enjoy it stirred into some hot tea too.

Organic tomato paste
I’ve been buying this for quite some time. I love that it comes in a jar versus a can like the tomato paste in the grocery stores… because I try to avoid cans whenever possible because of BPA leaching from the cans’ lining (which is worse in tomato products because of the acidity of the tomatoes). I use it in “pasta” sauces, for pizza sauce, and in crock pot recipes pretty regularly.

And More

That’s seriously just A FEW of my favorite products from Tropical Traditions. I’ve tried (and regularly buy) a ton more, so feel free to ask me about any you’re curious about. Off the top of my head, I also really enjoy:

  • pumpkin seeds
  • organic (GMO free) popping corn
  • body lotion (really loved the citrus one)
  • fruit spreads
  • applesauce
  • tomato sauce
  • toothpaste (which I really liked, except that the bottle wasn’t squeezy enough)
  • Laundry detergent
  • Essential Oils

So go ahead and try SOMEthing from Tropical Traditions TODAY while you can get free shipping!

If you use any of my links in this post and it’s your first time ordering from them, you’ll also get this book -which has 85 recipes and a lot of good information – for FREE ($25 value) with your order, along with my heartfelt appreciation and love (since they’ll give me a referral gift certificate as a thank you).

If you’re not sure you used the links correctly, you can also put in my referral number 6533374 to be sure you’ll get your free coconut oil cookbook and I’ll get “credit” for you.

Any questions? I’m happy to help! Just leave it in the comments here, and I’ll answer as soon as I see it.

4 Comments on Tropical Traditions Coupon Codes & Reviews

  1. AMANDA says:

    Thank you for the info! We have a really, REALLY limited organic selection at the commissary here in Pensacola so I’ve been online shopping a lot. This site seems pretty affordable (especially when things are on sale) and I am geeking out over how cool their essential oil section is. 🙂

    • You’re very welcome. I love that I can always order them even when the Navy takes us all over the country… you’re right it isn’t always easy to find good selection!

      • Melissa says:

        I’m not able to use your referral number. After I enter it, it says “please enter a valid coupon code” and it still says the book is full price. Do you have any suggestions?

        • You shouldn’t have to add the book yourself… if you use one of my links, you will get the book automatically for free in your shipment (if it’s your first tropical traditions order). Hope that helps!

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