September 2nd 2009
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I can’t eat tuna from a can. I’ve never been able to. It smells like cat food to me. Sorry if you like it and I offended you, but… open a can of cat food and you’ll know where I’m coming from. Maybe you smell the cat food and think, “Mmm! Canned tuna!” But that would be a little sad.

So when I hear the words “tuna salad” I tend to gag a little… especially since “tuna salad” is so close to “tuna casserole” with its bread crumbs and elbow noodles trying to hide the cat food er, tuna.

Maybe some day I’ll change my mind, like I did about bananas… the thought of bananas used to make me want to throw up a little (it’s that over-ripe smell I can’t get over) but now I can happily enjoy bananas, as long as they’re not over-ripe. I’m not sure what changed.

But for now, this is the only tuna salad I want to see on my plate. Tuna. And salad. Or tuna on salad.

salad with tuna

I just drizzled the tuna fillets with a little olive oil and sprinkled on lemon pepper, then broiled it until it was cooked. It just takes a few minutes, so this was perfect for lunch. Not too much prep, but totally delicious.

The salad was butterhead, cucumbers from our garden (before the plants died), carrot slices, and green olives, all tossed with EVOO and balsamic vinegar. I prepped the salad as the tuna cooked, so all in all this meal only took about 10 minutes to prepare.

salad with tuna

People may think Rachael Ray has the corner on the fast-home-cooked-food market with 3o Minute Meals, but she’s not the only one who can make good food that doesn’t take all day to prep. What’s your favorite meal to make in 15 minutes or less?

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