January 17th 2008
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Here’s a sweet pattern that might help you with Valentine’s gifts this year. A few years ago, when I was a resident assistant at Winthrop University, I made a pin for every one of my (about 40) residents. It took a while, but I think it was worth it, especially when I saw some of the girls wearing their pins on their bookbags, jackets, and shirts. If you’re a teacher, this is a great thing to make for your students. Or just pull together a few of them for your closest girlfriends.

You Will Need:

  • Small amounts of yarn, any weight
  • A crochet hook appropriate for your yarn
  • A yarn needle
  • Pin backs
  • Embellishing Glue

To Begin:
Start with a magic ring.
ch 1.
7 sc into ring.
sl st to join.

Round 1:
ch 1. Do not turn.
1 sc in first 2 scs.
[sc, dc, sc] into third sc.
1 sc in next 2 scs.
[sc, 2dc, sc] into next 2 sts.
Sl st to join.

Round 2:
Ch 1. Do not turn.
1 sc into first 3 sts.
[sc, dc, sc] into next st.
1 sc into next 3 sts.
2hdc in next st.
3dc in next st.
[hdc, sc] in next st.
sl st in next 2 sts.
[sc, hdc] in next st.
3dc in next st.
2hdc in next st.
sl st to join.

Finish off. Weave in the ends.


  • Try adding a ruffled border by working a succession of scs and chs around the edge.
  • Add top embellishment by using sl sts to make an outline. Or stitch on kisses and hugs (Xs and Os)
  • If sequins and buttons are your thing, the embellishing glue will set those on your hearts nicely.
  • Or, try gluing a tiny felt heart onto the crocheted one.

Making Your Hearts Into Brooches:

  • Embellishing glue is a lovely thing… it will adhere anything to anything, as long as you follow the directions! I’ll tell you what my glue says to do, but read your glue’s label and double-check to make sure it’s the same.
  • Turn your hearts over so that they’re face down. “Draw” a line of glue on each heart where you want the pins to be.
  • Here’s the hard part: Wait ten minutes. The embellishing glue will hold the slick pin backs better if it has this time to think about it.
  • Now, press a pin back into the glue on each heart, making sure not to get glue on any of the pin back’s moving parts.
  • And…another hard part. Wait for 24 hours. Don’t play with the brooches until the glue has an entire day to dry.
  • Now… Give hearts to everyone you know. One can never have too many Valentines!

Or Try…

  • Adding magnets instead of pin backs. Make your fridge feel loved!
  • Making lots of hearts and stringing them together for a Valentine garland.
  • Creating several pairs of matching hearts, as a matching game for your toddler or preschooler.
  • Gluing a spring-style clothespin to the back of each heart, and a magnet to the back of each clothespin. Turn any metal surface into a message board for love letters.
  • Using the hearts to decorate picture frames, your steering wheel cover, your lunch bag, or anything!
  • Wear your heart on your sleeve…literally.

Click here for my other patterns.

Brooches (1 comments)

Brooches are so useful that may even be used in occasions like Valentine as beautiful parts

Fay (2 comments)

These are beautiful, Emily. Just a nice little gift to give residents in the aged care centre where I volunteer. I’ve been buying brooch backs and saving them for something special and I think your patterns are just the thing. I’m often looking for small gifts (often do batches of 30).
Saw Solomons Knot Patterns and loved your scarf and shawl as well as the Star Cloche. Many thanks.

MissChristy (1 comments)

I really love these hearts! I have just started to teach myself how to crochet and found your site through a google search on crochet hearts…and I’ve gotten sucked in to the rest and have completely fallen in love with your aprons!

Great site and if you’re looking for additional places to network, check out PoshMama.com.

Best of luck to you and thanks for all the fabulous advice and inspiration!

Silvia (1 comments)

So lovely!!!

lindsay (7 comments)

I still have mine! I’ll be wearing it next month. :)

Claire (1 comments)

love those! cute blog, i just found it!

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