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I was all excited about finidng some sort of fun activity for my kids to do at Dollar General in their Value Valley this month, but sadly, that didn't happen. Apparently not every Dollar General has a Value Valley , and mine is one of the ones that doens't. Still, there ARE items that are $1 every single day, even if they're spread throughout the store. For example, the little birdies we bought a bit ago were all $1 each, and I got some awesome new colorful spray bottles for my homemade cleaning sprays for $1 each.

This time, when I asked about Value Valley, the DG cashier pointed me to a small section of food that was all $1 all the time. So we checked it out, picked out some raisins, and the kids were happy.

It doesn't take much, does it? haha. 

Hopefully next month we'll have another great craft or recipe or something. This time, I was a little sad about the value valley thing. (Even if the kids didn't know or care. They were just happy with RAISINS!) 
But tell me, does your Dollar General have a Value Valley? Do you like having an aisle that's only $1 items (all the time)? 

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