May 16th 2010
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Here’s a quick run-down of the news in the garden these days.

The pepper plants are all still very small, but some of them have peppers on them! Here are a couple green bell peppers. The jalapeno plant also has one tiny pepper, as does the banana pepper plant.


The zucchini is overall doing well. We’ve had some issues with “chomping”… I can’t figure out the culprit though. We suspected snails or slugs (and I did see one snail on it once) but I have put out beer and haven’t caught any. Someone else thought maybe a caterpillar, but I haven’t even seen one caterpillar… and someone on twitter told me caterpillars “like to stick around” so I’d probably see it if that was the case. Weird. Anyway, I haven’t seen any major bites taken out of my zucchinis lately, so I’m guessing the pest moved on. Or hoping.

The other issue is slight blossom-end rot. We had this last year and learned that the cause is calcium deficiency (or too much nitrogen which inhibits calcium uptake). Believe it or not, last year we fought it off with calcium supplement pills from GNC, which I ground (grinded?) up and added to the soil around the plants.

So we’re doing that again, plus saving egg shells and putting them around too… supposedly egg shells can also help with slugs and snails.


Tomatoes! We’re starting to get several little green tomatoes!


Check out these lumpy gnarly ones. It’s gonna be so cool to have big ugly delicious tomatoes from our garden!


So here’s the whole garden bed on the right. Zucchini on the right, tomatoes in the back, peppers in the front.


The basil is getting puffier! We’ve actually used it a couple times in cooking. Very delicious. It’s going to get huge; I just know it. The other herbs? Well… what other herbs? We may have to get seedlings… the seeds didn’t seem to be live. I think I got dud seed packets.


Here’s the left garden bed. Kind of random stuff in here. Squash on the left, a tomato in the back, and also hiding in the back are what is supposedly cucumber plants (they’re not acting like any other cucumber plant I’ve grown before, so I’m just taking a wait-and-see attitude with it – maybe it was mislabeled and it’ll be a mystery surprise), a cantaloupe, and a watermelon. In the front is a pepper plant, broccoli, and strawberries.


Here’s the little cantaloupe plant and our new baby watermelon. The cantaloupe actually has some flowers on it already.


Strawberries… starting to get more berries – exciting!


And there are tons and tons of baby squashes hiding under the leaves. TONS of them. I’ve had to throw out a few due to blossom-end rot but I’m sure the calcium pill powder will help these too… the plant is looking really happy in general and I keep having to cut off leaves that are shading the other plants too much.


I love the way squash and zucchini fruits have “fur” on them as they grow. I think it makes them look super-cute, almost like little animals.


And I don’t think I’ve introduced you to my artichoke plant. We got him because we love artichokes, but neither of us had any clue about growing them… he was in the garden box until we learned these plants get HUGE … like 5 feet tall and 7 feet wide. So we put him into the sandy soil. Which evidently artichoke plants don’t mind at all. At first we thought he’d die, but now he’s grown a bunch and is doing great. I doubt we’ll get any artichokes from him this year, and since we’re not staying in this house when our lease is up, he’ll either be a gift to the homeowner or (if we’re staying in California) we might dig him up and take him with us. Sweet little artichoke plant.


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