June 24th 2010
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On the first day of summer, my tomatoes celebrated by deciding to ripen a bunch of themselves at once!


The red ones were turned into sauce already – which we ate over some chicken breasts with mozzarella cheese melted on top (like a non-breaded Chicken Parmesan). It was delicious and SO fresh-tasting. There was only a bit leftover, which I froze as part of the post-baby meal stash.

Aren’t the little yellow pear tomatoes SO cute? I haven’t used them yet, but I think I might put them in a cold green bean salad with bacon. Sound good?


Tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis.


The pepper plants look healthy overall but the leaves are sort of all curled like this. Does that mean something? They get enough water, I’m sure! I mean – did you see the juicy tomatoes? They’re in the same soil in the same box getting the same water. So what’s the deal, peppers?


Zucchinis are still coming, too.


Perfect! Also, we accidentally overlooked one until it was HUGE. I swear it’s bigger than my entire forearm. No picture of that one though.


My basil and green onions. I usually grow a different kind of basil with huge leaves. This is good too but next year I’ll make sure to get the big-leafed one again. I just like it!


Squash, more tomatoes, our sad un-ambitious cucumber plant, the cantaloupe (the one climbing so high!), watermelon, strawberries, and another pepper plant with curled-up leaves.


And look who else has a bun in the oven! SO cute! Not much in the world of home gardening is cuter than a baby watermelon.


The artichoke plant is also doing very well. Though, like I said before, I think it won’t produce any artichokes until next year or the year after.


The roses are finally in bloom again! You might remember they were COVERED with gorgeous flowers before… well, right after I posted that blog entry, my husband decided to “prune” the plants… but he hacked them to tiny little flowerless balls of plant… I actually cried. A lot. Now I forgive him.


And the roses outside of our bedroom window – so pretty!


Every day I sit outside and just soak it in. I love how green it is!


SO pretty… it’s a wonderful place to relax!


… except for those little spots.

Are those from *gulp* dog pee? Does dog pee hurt grass? What can you do about it?

We’ve fertilized but the grass doesn’t seem to be responding in those spots.


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