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This post wraps up my and Zora’s month of health challenges.

We’ve gone on more walks, I joined the gym, I did 20 days of a Whole 30 (hey, it’s 20 days better than no Whole 30!).

Zora played lots of fetch, walked with me and my husband, and ate her Iams quality dog food all month.

We are both feeling pretty good. 

When I open the door and let her outside, often she’ll grab her ball and bring it to me for a few rounds of fetch. When my husband gets his shoes on, she circles around him waiting for him to get the leash. 

It’s wonderful for both of us to have the energy we need to have fun during the day. Much better than lying around on her dog bed / my couch… Healthier choices and more activity are definitely things we need to continue with. It’s easier for dogs though! I’m still tempted by things like popcorn and chocolate milk. (hehe)

When friends come over, or someone new meets her, no one can believe she’s 8 years old. They all think she’s like 2 years … especially with her hair cut short. She is so energetic and sweet. She bounces around the room and sniffs their shoes, bags, and babies. She’s so curious about everything and everyone!

She keeps climbing into my husband’s lap and trying to “hug” him by putting her paws on his shoulders – I wish I could get a picture, but she never does it when I have my camera nearby! (She doesn’t do this to me because she knows I’m more strict about jumping up on people.) I’ve really got to try to snap it one of these days. I don’t want to ever forget it! 

She’s super happy, and feels great so far this summer! 

Do you have a furry friend at home? Would you try the Iams Visible Differences challenge? What health goals would you have for yourself and for your dog?

How would you change your own food, and your dog’s food to give both of you more energy and nutrients throughout the day? What are your activity goals and favorite things to do to move your bodies? What game does your dog like to play with you the most? (I wish Zora liked to swim, but she’s NOT a water dog at ALL… but she loves fetch!)

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  1. She is so cute! My dog eats Iams healthy weight. Lately I’ve been trying to take him on more long walks now that the weather is nice. We both need to be more active.

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