August 5th 2010
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After 42 weeks and 3 days of pregnancy, and a lot of patience, Anneliese Claire was born!

And let me tell you… if you’re pregnant and want to go into labor, I figured it out.

It’s not walking, sex, castor oil, or spicy food.

It isn’t eggplant, acupressure, a special pizza, pineapples, or bouncing on a yoga ball.

The only thing that will make you go into labor for sure (it worked for me, so I know!) is watching the X-Men movie. While eating homemade graham crackers. Yup.

I’ve been meaning to type up the whole big birth blog post for a while now, but my brain just isn’t in that mode right now. So until then, I’ll appease y’all with photos of my beautiful baby girl.

July 27, 2010 @ 5:56pm

8lb. 15oz.

20.5 inches

Here’s our first family photo, about an hour after her birth.


1 day old:

IMG_1945 IMG_1932

My favorite people!


So sweet, taking a nap.


And today, at 9 days old:

IMG_2092 IMG_2063

Thank you all for your VERY sweet comments, emails, tweets, etc over the last several weeks! I know I haven’t been the best at responding/replying (probably best at twitter these days, since I can tweet on my phone while I nurse) but I appreciate every word of excitement and encouragement you’ve shared with me.

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