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Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in guest posting on Joyful Abode.

I’m always excited to receive well-written, unique posts that will inspire and enable my readers to take action in their homes and in their lives.

Please follow the guidelines below if you’d like to have your writing published on Joyful Abode.

General Guest Posting Guidelines

  • Your guest post must be unique content that hasn’t been published anywhere else.
  • Priority will be given to those who have shown they’re genuinely interested in as a reader and subscriber.
  • Read through this entire page before submitting your idea. Submissions that adhere to these guidelines are much more likely to be accepted and published!

Topics and Subjects

  • We aren’t about schedules, willpower, and rigid routines. At Joyful Abode, we make bigger changes, ask different questions, shift our mindset about our problems, and use our individual priorities to discover and make the switches that will work for us, our families, and our homes.
  • Guest blog posts should offer practical, time-saving, frustration-busting, individual-priority-focused tips and tricks. More in-depth stories or case studies that have a clear message and action steps for the reader are also more than welcome. (One example of a guest post like this is: How I Simplified My Entire Life – in 2 Weeks)
  • Our main post categories are – Cleaning, Decluttering, Live+Love (life and relationships), Organizing, and Scheduling (not rigid schedules, but anything to do with time and time management).

Ready to submit a guest post idea?

  1. Read my blog. Leave some thoughtful comments so that I can get to know you.
  2. Send an email to me at [email protected] . Start the subject line with “Guest Post Idea.”
  3. Tell me who you are and why you identify with Joyful Abode’s readers.
  4. State your proposed post title(s). Try to get me excited about reading it! A great title is powerful.
  5. Tell me how Joyful Abode readers will benefit from your guest post(s). Be sure to answer, “What will the reader be inspired and able to do right after reading this post?”
  6. Outline each post topic with bullet points.
  7. Include 2 or 3 links to other Joyful Abode posts that you’d use to expand on your ideas.
  8. Add a couple of links to articles you’ve written that you’re especially proud of (on your own blog or other guest posts you’ve done). If your writing hasn’t been published anywhere else, that’s okay – your email will serve as your writing sample.

Once your idea is accepted:

  • Please write and send your guest blog post promptly.
  • My preferred method of receiving blog posts and images is through email. Create the post in your regular blogging software, then copy and paste the HTML in an email to me. Attach your images to the email.
  • Please don’t be offended if I request a revision. Take my advice to heart and make the changes in a timely manner so that we can keep moving forward. Revision requests are not rejections. I want your post to succeed!
  • When your post is ready to go on my end, I’ll let you know the date it will be published so you can mark your calendar.


  • Write something amazing that you’ll be incredibly proud of.
  • Have an introduction that grabs the reader right away and makes them want to read more.
  • Link up! Include 2 or 3 links to related posts on Joyful Abode. You may also include 1 link to a relevant post on your own blog (and remember that you’ll have a couple in your bio too), as well as several links to other articles or posts around the internet or citations for expert quotes. I know it sounds like a lot, but I do prefer 4-10 relevant links per post.
  • Write 1000-2000 words. Include in-depth stories and detailed information, step-by-step guidance when it makes sense, how to overcome roadblocks or avoid mistakes, and tips and tricks related to your subject.
  • Use great storytelling. Examples and anecdotes will go a long way toward making a message memorable.
  • Make your blog post easy to read. Add headers and sub-headers, break up longer paragraphs into short ones, use bold font for key insights, and use bullets and lists.
  • Include relevant photographs you’ve taken yourself, if you have them.
  • Have a conclusion and a call to action. The call to action should give the reader the very first step to take (something they can do in 15 minutes or less) to “make it happen.”
  • Include a short bio at the end of your guest post to tell readers who you are and what you’re all about. Feel free to include 1-3 links for readers to find you on the internet (your own blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest, or whatever)
  • Carefully edit and proofread your post. Read it out loud to yourself, edit it, send it to a friend to proofread, edit again, read it out loud again, and THEN submit it to me.


  • Link to irrelevant sites or articles or include affiliate links. I will check all links, and any that don’t fit with the main idea of your post will be removed without notice. Non-working links will also be removed.
  • Feel as if you need to include images in the post. I will buy stock photos if you don’t have anything that fits really well. That’s no problem!
  • Change the font, font size, or font color.
  • Submit already-published writing, or plagiarize.

Once your post is published

  • Be present. Follow up with readers. Respond to their comments in a timely manner, especially the first few days after publication. Show readers you appreciate them!
  • Be proud of your post. Share it with your friends, post it to your social media accounts, and email it to your grandma.


By submitting an article, you give Joyful Abode express permission to edit, revise, or in any way alter your article before or after publishing it on Reasons for changing your article may include fixing spelling errors, editing for length or clarity, or even optimizing your article for search engines.

You will retain the copyright to your original article, however, you are giving Joyful Abode permission to publish, edit, modify in whole or in part on and other related Joyful Abode materials, magazines, media, and partnership sites.


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