October 20th 2012
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This morning, I held a “Yard give.” Not a yard sale. Everything was free. It's part of my plan to give away 500 things by Christmas. Things i'm not using, even if I like them. Things I have duplicates of. Things that are just sitting around.
Hopefully these things will find better homes where they'll be loved and used.
I told my friends about my “yard give” first, to give them first dibs. Several of my girlfriends brought their little ones over to play in the yard, and hung around chatting after they had picked out the “treasures” they wanted to take home with them.
My favorite thing was watching these little girlfriends discover the box of hair accessories. I had literally hundreds of hair clips and headbands, because I used to make and sell them, but I haven't done any of that since Joey was born, and I don't really want to go back into it.
But these girls were SO EXCITED about the accessories. They tried things on, modeling for each other, asking the other girls' opinions. One girl struck a model pose and said, “Wow, you look like a rock star!” to her friend. They left and brought a couple more friends to look too. And they each went home with a bag FULL of goodies.
The babies played and snacked…
…Anneliese just watched all of the action. She picked out a few things to play with, but put them back when she was finished and wasn't upset to see them go when someone decided they wanted those things.
I was so happy to get to see this new little one again. He's soooo tiny and adorable. And now his mama has a new breast pump I wasn't using, too.
All in all, it was just a really nice way to spend the morning. And now my load is a bit lighter, plus some friends and strangers have been “blessed” with some new-to-them things they can give a better home to.
So what was my tally? I was at 116 things last time.
Today I gave away:
  • a pair of boots
  • a tomato planter
  • a george foreman grill
  • a pair of green shoes i love but never wear
  • 16 children's books, some brand new.
  • HUNDREDS of hair things. I'll count them as 30. But literally hundreds.
  • a double electric breast pump
  • a gauze wrap
  • a gKanteen
  • bamboobies breast pads
  • a nursing bra
  • 4 kids' outfits
  • a TON of stationery. Cards, “writing kits” with stickers, and recipe cards. I'm counting it as 40.
  • a boba organic wrap
  • baby utensils
  • a candle melt thingy
  • a brand new tote bag,
  • a vase
  • 3 candle holders – 2 still in their packages.
  • 2 purses
  • a tea pitcher
  • 2 embroidery hoops
  • a food saver vacuum sealer
  • 2 toys (I haven't really gone through the toys yet. I'm sure there will be more)
  • 6 random kitchen items
  • a ring sling
  • 2 sets of placemats
  • 2 manual breast pumps
That's 126 more things. So I'm at 242 things given away now!

But since I'm going to schedule a Salvation Army pick up for this week, and not open the boxes that are left… I'm going to go ahead and count the other things too.

  • 3 pairs of shoes
  • More hair stuff. I'm just counting this as 1 as there isn't much left.
  • Bottle dishwasher basket.
  • Diaper bag/changing pad/etc
  • 2 cookie sheets
  • a mobile
  • a set of coasters
  • a set of mugs
  • some baby bottles
  • drinking glasses
  • a camelbak bladder thing, never used
  • a candle holder
  • a pouch sling (NOT a recalled/unsafe bag sling. It's a Karma Baby pouch. I just don't use it.)
  • another tea pitcher
  • 41 clothing items.

That's 58 more things, which brings me to 300!

I knew the beginning would be easy/quick, and I'm sure from now on it'll be harder to find stuff to give away. The “initial sweep” has been done, for the most part, and now I'll have to really look for more to share. But that's kind of the point. If I wanted it to be an easy task, not a challenge, I would've made it “Give100.”

I'm going to see if our FRG wants any of the stationery for fundraising purposes, and if they don't, or don't want all of it, I'll donate the rest to Salvation Army too.

Last time I counted, I had over 250 packages (I illustrated it all and used to sell it at craft shows. It was really popular in Pensacola, Florida, but not as much when we moved from there.) I'll probably count it as 50 when it moves on, because it's just SO much… but I don't want to “cheat” and just be finished with the challenge that easily.

Anyway, have you joined in the challenge to #Give500 things away? My self-imposed deadline is by Christmas, but you can choose your own time frame that works better for you. Read about it on the original #Give500 post, and link up with your blog there, or post your lists in the comments there if you don't have a blog. I'd love to follow along with your own challenge progress!

Be sure to chat on twitter and Instagram using the #Give500 tag also!

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Shannon (9 comments)

If you come across a Mei Tai that you don’t want, I’d LOVE to take it off your hands! :-) It’s such a wonderful feeling to go through things and pass unused items along to those that will enjoy them. I think this is a wonderful challenge!

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