February 10th 2010
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Yesterday was just a great day overall. I went to work in the morning and had a nice time with the kiddos, and when I came home this was waiting for me on my doorstep:

CSA Basket Hanford, CA

Notice I couldn’t even wait to dig in. Those green onions went into the savory vegetable pancakes I posted about yesterday. Also in the basket was lettuce, kale, apples, oranges, tangelos, and probably some other stuff I’m forgetting. I think a couple avocados too…

CSA Basket Hanford, CA

After the delicious pancakes, I got to spend time with my sweet husband while we waited for the phone call that the “cow guy” had arrived. And when he did? It was like Christmas. The boys all climbed into and around the bed of the truck, sorting packages of meat into boxes (we technically didn’t buy a quarter cow, we split half a cow with my nanny-family, so it didn’t come separated).

When we came home, we filled our new freezer. I am SO glad we got the larger, upright freezer as opposed to the smaller chest freezer – this was a breeze to organize and it will be a simple task to locate certain meats for dinners, or to do a quick inventory of what we have and need to use.

For anyone who is wondering, this is roughly 125-150 pounds of beef, plus miscellaneous offal (soup bones, organs, suet).

Top shelf – various steaks, 2nd shelf – roasts (left), ribs (right), bottom shelf – stew meat (left), ground beef (right), basket – soup bones and suet.
Door: top shelf – tongues, 2nd shelf – kidneys, 3rd-4th shelves – liver, bottom shelf – heart

Quarter Cow - freezer space

We weren’t sure if the beef was coming to us frozen or fresh, but it was frozen, so we couldn’t cook up steaks for dinner in celebration. Instead, we had a celebratory CSA salad – lettuce and radishes from the CSA (radishes were from last week) topped with leftover roast chicken and a homemade balsamic dressing. The radishes were so beautiful with their purple sunbursts in the middle of each slice – and they were delicious too. (For the record, we had this exact same salad plus carrots again tonight for dinner – it was so good.)

awesome chicken salad

And our UPS man always comes with deliveries pretty late – we’re basically toward the end of his route, so it’s usually 7-8 when he shows up. He brought this for me! My sweet husband who knows how much I LOVE dark chocolate had these chocolate-covered strawberries delivered to me.

dark chocolate

And they were very very yummy. Definitely a treat! Thank you for the early Valentine, sweetie!


And before bed, I strained my chicken stock which had been simmering in the crock pot (the carcass of the chicken I made Monday) for over 24 hours. The stock was SO rich-looking! I put it in the fridge overnight, and today I skimmed off the fat (and saved it to make gravy with on my mother’s advice) and dispensed the stock into ice cube trays. I’m going to put the cubes in a freezer bag so they’ll be accessible for grabbing for gravies, soups, sauces, and whatever else I might like to add a little bit of flavor and nutrients to.  I also have fresh-squeezed lemon juice cubes in the freezer – and a whole bowl of lemons on the counter waiting for me to juice them when I have a spare half hour or so.

Life is good. I know I keep saying that lately – but it’s true. And it doesn’t take anything fancy to BE good… just simple pleasures in our joyful abode.

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