Need some fantastic Valentine Boxes for Valentine’s Day this year? Tara’s got you covered. This is a guest post by Tara Cannizzo. She gathers awesome stuff from around the web that she knows you’re going to love, and pulls it together in one place just for you! This post contains affiliate links.

25 fantastic and clever DIY Valentine Boxes for gifts, treats, cards, and candy on Valentine's Day.

DIY gift boxes are quickly becoming a very popular trend.

But have you ever wondered just how they make them? Let me share a little secret with you…. Printable templates!

That’s right! Most of the charming, but seemingly very complicated little gift boxes are available online as a printable template.

This means all you have to do is find your favorite one, print, fold and VOILA an adorable and unique gift box.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I’ve put together a list of some of the cutest DIY Valentine Boxes out there. Don’t worry, because all of these come with directions so you really can’t go wrong.

With 25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes to choose from, the biggest problem you’ll have is picking out your favorite one!

Of course, if you’re looking for something crafty that’s NOT a box, you can check out these adorable valentine’s day origami sun-catchers, or this valentine’s day canvas art to make with kids.

25 DIY Valentine Boxes


1. Love Shack Valentine’s Day Treat Box

love shack valentine treat boxes

2. Valentine Box Ideas: Big-Eyed Monsters!

valentine monster boxes

3. Macaron Gift Boxes

macaron valentine boxes

4. Popcorn Boxes

valentine popcorn boxes for party

5. DIY Conversation Heart Chocolate Boxes

valentine boxes - diy heart shape

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6. DIY Floral Gift Box

printable valentine boxes

7. Color Blocked Printable Heart Boxes

colorblock valentine boxes

8. Matchbox Love Notes

valentine boxes out of matchboxes

9. Triangle Origami Bowls

origami valentine boxes

10. Valentine’s Day Take Out Boxes

Valentine's day takeout gift box

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11. DIY Jewelry Gift Box

tiny diy valentine boxes

12. Hogs and Kisses Valentine Box

hogs and kisses pig valentine gift box

13. DIY Gold Foil Heart Box

heart shaped diy valentine boxes

14. Bon Bon Box

valentine popper boxes

15. Hostess Cupcake Treat Box

valentine boxes that look like hostess cupcakes

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16. Pillow Box Valentines

diy valentine boxes

17. DIY Sequined Chocolate Boxes

diy sequined valentine boxes

18. Valentine’s Day Conversation Treat Box

painted conversation hearts valentine boxes

19. Geometric Heart Printable Pillow Boxes

geometric heart pillow box valentine boxes

20. Easy Origami Candy Boxes

origami valentines day gift box tutorial

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21. DIY Valentine’s Day Pillow Box

valentine boxes pillow box diy

22. Glittered Heart Boxes

valentine boxes covered with glitter

23. Polymer Clay Valentine boxes

polymer clay valentine boxes

24. Treat Boxes

kraft valentine boxes

25. Tissue Paper Flower Valentine Gift Box

valentine gift boxes with tissue flower

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