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Are you looking for some fun things to do for Valentine’s Day?

25 clever and unique things to do for valentine's day. date ideas, children's games, couple's games, travel, date "kit" ideas, and more. Make sure to pin this so you don't forget these great ideas for next year!

I don’t know about you, but we always end up doing the same boring things when it comes to date night.

This year, I have collected a list of unique things to do for Valentine’s Day! With a variety of ideas to choose from, from making handmade gifts and giving home massages to couples Scattergories game and a Valentine-themed scavenger hunt.

There is something here sure to please everyone! No need to worry if you don’t have a babysitter. There are even things to do from home.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

You might like to try your hand at making these paper window stars yourself. I made you a tutorial (Video and photos)!

origami instructions for making waldorf paper window hearts

Or maybe you’d rather do a fun hands-on Valentine canvas with your kids.

25 Things to Do for Valentine’s Day

1. Bake a Beautiful Valentine’s Day Cake

delicious naked cake for valentine's day

2. Get to Know Your Spouse – Romantic Valentine Game

sweet game to play with your spouse on valentine's day

3. 12 Months of Date Night Coupon Valentine’s Day Gift

date night ideas for every month - great ideas for valentine's day

4. DIY Massage Bars

how to give a wonderful at-home massage for valentine's day

5. Movie Night Date Crate

movie night valentine's day kit for date

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6. Movie Night – Romantic Movies on Netflix Now

netflix and chill with your guy for valentine's day - great movie list

7. Cook a Romantic Dinner – Lamp Chops with Cherry Sauce

make a romantic dinner for valentine's day

8. Write a Poem

little love poems for valentine's day

9. Ping Pong Date Night

ping pong valentine's day fun game

10. “Open When” Envelope – Romantic Gift Idea

open when - envelopes for valentines's day with long distance relationship

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11. 10 Things I Love About You – Valentine’s Day Printable List

valentine note printable

12. DIY Date Night Jenga

homemade valentine's day jenga game

13. Spouse Scattergories Game

valentine scattergories game for husband and wife

14. Have Breakfast in Bed – Heart Shaped Strawberry Pancakes

pink pancake valentines day breakfast

15. Take a Romantic Trip to Catalina Island

travel destination for valentine's day

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16. The Penny Date

penny date night idea for valentine's day

17. Romantic Card Game for Adults

printable valentine's day card game

18. Heart Attack a House this Valentine’s Day!

valentine's day heart attack

19. Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar

valentines' day advent calendar ideas

20. Love Potion

love potion number 9 cocktail for valentine's day drink

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21. Valentines Scavenger Hunt

valentine's day scavenger hunt with printable clues

22. Romantic Indoor French Picnic

romantic valentine's day picnic

23. Shooting Range Date Night

valentine's day shooting range game printables

24. Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate Bar

hot chocolate bar for valentine's day - ideas and printables

25. Romantic Weekend Getaway Ideas

romantic weekend getaway ideas for valentine's day

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