75%… 3/4… 30/40 weeks… so crazy!

I took these pictures yesterday but because of the lighting and the dog and stuff, the editing took longer than usual. Anyway, here’s the note! Like I said before… as I get closer to the finish line, I am feeling more like a “Mom” than a “Mommy.” So I think I’m going to change the “signatures” at the end before I get them printed up into a book for our little girl.

Week 30 copy

Seriously, our daughter will NOT stop moving. She’s like a break dancer in there. Constantly. She calms down a bit during and after a meal, but most of the time she is jiving. I guess when she gets a little bit bigger, she’ll be more cramped and less able to swim around, but for now it’s a nonstop party in my uterus.

Here she is, from her first real photo-op! Both hands on her face. Most of the time all we could see was blurry hands and arms flying around. I was on my left side, craning my neck to look over my right shoulder at the u/s monitor… that was the only position I could be in for the tech to “point” at her face.  Just a little uncomfy! But this was worth it…


I can’t wait to pet her soft little cheek and snuggle her close to me and smell her head.

PS I need to get some maternity tank tops… it’s about to get HOT here and I only have 2 tanks that fit. And “Delicious” written across my pregnant-lady bust is kind of hilariously ironic, but I think I’d prefer some solid colors.

12 Comments on 30 Weeks Pregnant – 3/4 of the way there!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I think this is so neat! I wish I'd done something like this for my son. Never too late I suppose. Thanks for the great idea

  2. Dosenberry says:

    You're going to be a mother before you know it! It will be exciting adding a newborn to the primalfamily!

  3. Blair says:

    We got a 4D ultrasound in my recent pregnancy. It was a surprise and cooler than I thought it would be. It was like I knew what she looked like, but kind of not at the same time. She's two months old now and recently I went back and looked at the 4D pic and I was like, “Whoa, that IS what she looks like!”

  4. Mega says:

    I'm a new reader. But these are the cutest letters to your baby girl! Oh yeah and I posted a link to one of your crochet patterns at http://www.crocheteveryday.blogspot.com

  5. Amber says:

    If you have a target nearby they have B/F tanks for about 16$ a piece and man are they lifesavers! I lived in my tanks after I had my first son (May 08) and I got use out of them for my second son as well (Nov 09), just under sweaters for him!!! You can wear them during pregnancy since they are nice and long and then you get double duty out of them (no pun intended!!!) Or there is always Old Navy, in store or online. It seems their materinty stores are mostly gone, but they have a big selection online. They also have regular cami's in their womens section online, I just ordered some, and they are really nice and long. I wish I had them for my 1st baby, they are so comfy. Hope that helps!

    Oh and you are still looking so cute! Thats hilarious that she is so active! Both of my sons hardly ever moved. There were days I would worry about them from the lack of movement. I'd have to drink orange juice and lay on my side for barely a kick or two. Sometimes the only way I knew they were still in there was the hiccups at the end of the day. Every evening they both got hiccups! The midwife said it was fine and that my babies would just be calm. They both were as babies, but my oldest is 2 in 11 days and MAN is he CRAZY now! 🙂

  6. Mamatha says:

    You look adorable Emily. Love the pic of you with Zora.

  7. Megagood says:

    I think I am just a week behind you, but I will not be in shorts for my 30 week shot :(. My legs are unrecognizable to me. However, pregnancy looks great on you. Sounds like you are enjoying a wiggly baby girl in there!

  8. carolinelson says:

    You can tell from the front now! Also, that side picture sort of looks fake, like you just stuck something up your shirt on top of your skinny body.

  9. Ashley says:

    You look so cute!

  10. yayanana says:

    Very cute….delicious. I can only say…Mommy is a sweet name. Your Mom is a title. When you start talking to your baby in that high pitched cootchie coo voice…you are not awfully likely to say…”Do you see Mom's face? Do you Do you?” Let it flow, Sweetie. Whatever she ends up calling you will be MUSIC to your ears (Unless it's MA!) Heheheh,

  11. Leanndra says:

    I love the picture of you with Zora! Cute!

  12. Hannah_at_boundtoearth says:

    Haha I was thinking the exact same thing when I read your tank top! “Delicious” across your chest is both appropriate and hilarious 🙂

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