Pregnancy iced tea:

  • Heat 4 cups of water.
  • Throw in 3 bags of Red Raspberry Leaf tea.
  • Throw in 1 bag of other tea (I did peppermint, then green chai, and tonight’s is green tea + some lemon slices) for variety
  • Dump in 3 packets of Truvia
  • Let steep several minutes.
  • Remove tea bags, and pour tea into a pitcher.
  • Add plenty of ice.
  • Put in the fridge overnight.
  • Enjoy the next day, over ice. Delicious, refreshing tea.

My midwife told me to drink 3 cups of Red Raspberry Leaf tea a day to “tone the uterus.” I don’t know if that works or not, but the iced tea has been very refreshing and has been nice to drink throughout the day — always a good idea to stay hydrated anyway! And if it makes contractions more efficient and labor faster, that would be a nice bonus!

Week 38 copy

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  1. continuously i used to read smaller posts which as well clear their motive, and that is also happening with this article which I am reading here.

  2. So much to relate on this post, tea is the only drink that you may have during this time and your restrictions seems to be very strict like absolutely no soda and even sweets are then prohibited in order to stay healthy and avoid having urinary tract infection which is normally present on your pregnancy period. So tea absolutely gives solution to you and your baby’s health.

  3. You look like every ounce of weight gain is sitting right out in front. NOW…You know my delivery history…Julie – 4 hrs. Jessica – 3 hrs. YOU – 23 hrs, Caroline 5 hrs.

    🙂 Can't wait (BTW – I kept reading the title as 38 Weeks and staying pregnant)

  4. You are looking great !!

    Raspberry Leaf Tea … helps strengthen the muscle of the uterus .. to help it squeeze / push harder to have a better, faster more efficient labour! But … you should only take it in the last trimester according to packets in the UK and to the midwives here.

    I took it .. faithfully .. but no it didn't work for me! 25 or more hours both times…!!! But .. I think that is just ME and a 'family' thing… as I didn't actually get to more than 2cm until around 10 minutes before pushing! And my sister and daughter never did manage – they had to go the c – section way every time!

    Just keep drinking that tea !!

    BTW Annie – as far as I was told, no .. it doesn't work on the uterus after pregnancy. I found that strange …

  5. OK, maybe I'm a little slow, but what does “toning the uterus” mean? Is that something that would be good to drink after birth also so that the uterus goes back to normal faster?

  6. LOL@ Dad walking around with Zora and twirling her – it must make for a really cute sight. Totally agree with Sheena Nault.

    I had raspberry tea in the second trimester when I found a box of it at the co-op and it said on it that it's good for pregnancy, I should probably go get more.

  7. Red raspberry leaf tea worked for me too! First labor was 6 hours and second 4 (25 minutes pushing with the first 45 with the second)

    I also got an exercise ball. I give that thing credit for helping me efface and dilate. I was barely 1 cm at 39 weeks and then got the ball. I felt my boy moving down and my pelvis opening, which made me relax a bit because I am barely 5'3″ and was worried my pelvis would have been too small. On my 40 week checkup (on my due date) went in and was checked at 4cm and considered in labor. I didnt know it and refused to believe it. My midwife told me she'd see me later that afternoon and I ignored her and made my 41st week appointment for the next Monday.

    Well she was right, and my son was born that afternoon. 😀

    Anyhow…. So close! Super excited. You are looking adorable still. Wish I looked that cute preggers! 🙂

  8. You are seriously one of the cutest pregnant women ever!! Can't wait to hear about the baby when she gets here!! And her name! 🙂

  9. I love your dress. Can't wait to see the little one. Thanks for sharing these posts with your readers!

  10. I don't know if it's true either but I drank Raspberry Leaf Tea with my first pregnancy (6.5 hour labour) and with my second I took the capsules (3 hour labour). Worked for me!

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