This is the week my midwife is on vacation, so as ready as we are to meet our little girl, I’m okay with her taking her time for now. Just hanging in there… enjoying my time with my husband, cooking good food (but being lazy about posting recipes — sorry! I have been taking notes and photos though, so they WILL be blogged), and soaking up the sun…

There are worse ways to wait, I’m sure! Everything is going well.

Week 39 copy

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13 Comments on 39 weeks – We’re ready for her!

  1. You look absolutely amazing! All those wonderful cliches like “radiant” and “serene” that they always say about moms-to-be apply to you. Wishing you a safe & healthy delivery for you & the little one. We will all rejoice with you. Thoughts and prayers that all will go well & easy for you both (and for possibly-stressed new Daddy, too!)

  2. Love is Forever says:

    Congrats, to you and your whole family! Oh, you and Halle Berry look wonderful, and cute pregnant. I pray one day when I get married and have children I look as lovely as you, Mrs. Joyful Abode!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I've really enjoy reading your blog and love all your recipes. I have a 5 month old son and wanted to share that packing a bag to the hospital in my opinion was a little over rated. A change of clothes, a bunch of undies and an outfit for your daughter to go home in along with toiletries is all you need. I over packed and used only what I suggested. I spent the whole time in the hospital gown and used everything the hospital offered. As a matter of fact, I “acquired” everything in my room – as a friend shared I could do. You pay for it anyways. Good luck to you! I'm looking forward to your future blogs.

  4. Susankewn says:

    You are looking great !! Just .. enjoy all those kicks and wriggles …it feels really quiet in there once the baby is born !! lol!

    But I do agree with Ashley ..go pack that bag this very minute !!!!!! I am surprised you didn't pack it weeks ago … just 'in case' !!! I was glad I had … as I went to the doc/midwife for a check up when baby was due .. and was kept in! I just phoned hubby to tell him WHERE it was …if he had had to look up those things… even some of them .. we would STILL be waiting!! And my daughter is now 30 ! lol!! Enjoy these last few days… of just 'you and him' ….. it will be a LONG time before you get that again… but the joy of holding your daughter… will outweigh that for a long time !!

    Oh … take a water spray bottle … even in a/c … it's BLISS !!!

  5. Veronica says:

    Im so excited for you. Enjoy your last few days but soon you are going to just be in awe at how happy you are.

  6. Annie Gebel says:

    You're looking beautiful as ever, even if you feel like a beach ball! I hope baby waits until your midwife gets back and you deliver a happy, healthy little one.

    I used to read your blog all the time, which is why I gave you an award on my blog today (…). I'm just getting back to my computer after a few months of life on the road…looking forward to checking out the recipes and stories I missed!

  7. Jenn says:

    Sooo cute! My bday is on July 11th so maybe we'll share a birthday. Good luck!

  8. 1maddieandme says:

    OMG I haven't heard or seen you in forever (I've been the one missing) but I wanted to say congrats! Have fun with your new adventures in life.

  9. Amber says:

    Looking beautiful as always. 🙂

    Will be soon, cant wait. I do hope she waits till your midiwfe gets back, I know you would do fine without her, but it is nice to have the person you've formed a relationship with there with you.

  10. Ashley says:

    Get your bags packed girl! She could be here whenever she's ready and you don't want to worry about packing it while you're in labor.

  11. mommy says:

    Has she dropped? You have the MOST AMAZING shape there , sweetie!

  12. SunshineDawn80 says:

    You look so happy and beautiful here! In no time you'll be holding your sweet girl. Nothing beats it. I promise. I have 4 little ones. And I love them to death. 🙂

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