Minimalism – Here’s what my 6 year old wants you to know. Her thoughts on minimalism, decluttering, passing clutter on to loved ones, and living in the present.

How to declutter your closet (even if you're a fashionista). Come on, you know you need this in your life.

This is a guest post from regular contributor Lisa Favre, who blogs at Marble Crumbs. We all dream of a beautifully organized closet space. Now, imagine this: sections divided into colors and seasons, neatly folded cardigans, and matching wooden hangers. A tidy closet is possible in any home but a large part of the cleanup means getting rid

Are you overwhelmed with all of your "to dos"? Declutter your hobbies and take back your joy!

Hobbies can be great, but they can also drain us. Here’s how to declutter your hobbies and take back the life you love.

Are you decluttering? Here are 3 questions to help you decide what to KEEP!

The internet is full of “What to get rid of” questions. What about What to KEEP? Here are 3 fresh decluttering questions that get right to the heart of it.

3 Types of Clutter You've Stopped Noticing - And How to Fix IT

You’ve decluttered a ton, but things still seem cluttered. This is why. Find out what the 3 Types of Clutter You’ve Stopped Noticing are & how to fix them.

Decluttering? 3 *Different* Questions to Ask Yourself

You’ve decided to declutter. You’re ready to go. The kids are napping, at school, or at the park with their dad. You’ve emptied your drawers or cabinets in whatever room you chose to go through first, and right now all you see is STUFF. But you’re motivated. Motivated to cut through the crap and only

How I simplified my entire life in two weeks. Amazing story!

A teacher from South Carolina had to make a decision: Move overseas, or have a baby? Either way, some simplifying was in order. Here’s how she did it in just 2 weeks.

4 Ways Your Stuff Convinces You to Keep It (And How to Say No)

Once we’re past decluttering all of the easy things, sometimes we hit a wall, because things try to convince us to keep them. Here’s how to say no.

How to Reclaim Your Time From Your Clutter

Our stuff uses up our time, even once we decide to get rid of it!
Reclaim your time from your clutter NOW. Here’s how!

how to make Facebook less annoying

Facebook can be really annoying. But it’s simple to take back your newsfeed. Here’s how to see what you want to see. You don’t have to quit.

How a Busy Mama Crafter is Whipping the WIPs (in 5 Steps) - Get your crafts under control.

Do you have too many craft works-in-progress (WIPs)? I know the feeling. Here’s how to deal with them, get some done, and let go of guilt.

simplify these three things now

Here are some things you can simplify NOW so that you’ll be able to stop wasting time and have a few more hours for what’s really important in life.

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