How to make a woven wrap hammock - table hammock for kids - and win best mom ever status.

It’s so fun to make hammocks and swings with babywearing woven wraps! It’s a great way to break them in with some extra use, and kids LOVE to play in them. Making a hammock with a table and a wrap is a great safe way to make a rainy-day reading nook or just an area

san antonio zoo

What’s up with zoos? Are they fun educational places to learn about different animals and our world? Or are they depressing animal rights nightmares? Here’s the run-down on the rundown San Antonio, TX Zoo, and how our family trip went.

The first “crunchy” gathering I’ve gone to here was the San Antonio Natural Parenting groups’ Family Night Out. We had a delicious dinner at Big’z Burger Joint, which has really yummy gluten free buns and lots of toppings to choose from. There’s a giant fenced-in artificial lawn, where the kids all ran around and played with playground balls.

Some of the rooms are really echoey, and I would tell Joseph, “Why don’t you try out your voice?” He responded by making a loud sharp, “AH!!!” and then giggling, repeating a few times. Sometimes he tried for an echo in a non-echoey place and seemed irritated that his voice wasn’t rebounding.

The couch seats become exciting loft beds. Books become more special when shared in “privacy” with a sibling or enjoyed alone. Everyday snacks are transformed into feasts prepared by the toddlers in their own house, castle, hideaway, ship, cabin, fort.

When I asked her, “What kind of berries are you picking?” She would reply, “Ripe ones!”

My other post about how to make a hammock out of your woven wraps has been pinned a billion times on Pinterest, stolen and republished without permission (creepy… that’s my kid, you guys. don’t DO that. And not okay to steal anyway) and shared WITH permission by buzzfeed and apartment therapy. THANK YOU to everyone

This is my babywearing “stash” as of the beginning of October, 2012. It took a lot of work to get it all in one place, and I even missed one carrier, my Boba Air, which is in my stroller as backup. Why would someone “need” so many carriers? Let me explain. Top row: Boba 3G

13 Truths about Airline Travel With Kids

Traveling with two kids two and under is definitely a challenge. Here are some things I learned or observed during my trip. I wrote these on the way to South Carolina, and I’m editing to add a bit of return-trip wisdom. 1)Snack Attack I planned ahead and packed a cooler-lunchbox full of healthy snacks for

Have you read Anneliese’s birth story? What about her First Birthday post? It’s almost hard to believe a whole year has passed, and here we are again celebrating that long long long day that finally allowed me to meet my baby girl and become a mother. The day we went from a couple to a

A little while back, I found these zucchini tots on Pinterest and thought to myself, “Dang if I don’t like me some zucchini. I bet these are the bee’s knees!” Or something along those lines anyway. Rayna got the idea from Kelsey at The Naptime Chef (here are her Zucchini Bites) and wow. Hers look

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a more experienced babywearer now, or if it’s a difference in personality and temperament, but Joseph has taken to babywearing right off the bat. Anneliese (as a newborn) needed more soothing once she was situated in the carriers (any kind), and usually only liked to be worn in

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