I’m teaching my 2 year old how to sew, and from the way she was dancing around today singing, “Pupple em-boy-dee! Pupple em-boy-dee!” I have hope that someday my daydreams of crafting together will come true.

Part of why the “twos” can be so “terrible” is because these quick-growing toddlers are starting to realize they're their own person, and they want autonomy. It's almost as if they're saying… Don't TELL me to wear that blue dress. I want to wear a green shirt with a yellow tutu! And I want two

What is Montessori? Maria Montessori created a framework for education which focuses on independence and freedom within boundaries, “following the child” (respecting the child as an individual, with unique personality, strengths, and preferences), and a carefully prepared environment. Classrooms are mixed-age, so that children can teach and learn from each other, and teaching younger children

One way to save on a lot of frustration in the toddler years is to encourage the independence these little people so fiercely desire. When the toddler feels as if, “I can do that,” instead of “The world is intended for people much bigger than I am,” there is less struggle and angst in daily

One of the things my husband and I decided to do as Anneliese’s second birthday approached (it’s today!) was to change her room around a bit, adding a “big girl bed” for her, and a floor bed for Joey (so hopefully he can take some naps in there). I had found this great twin storage

I’ve had the Montessori baby room tour linked in the sidebar of the blog for…forever. But we haven’t even been living in that house for the last year and a half! And lots of things have changed with Anneliese’s room. Plus, she’s a toddler now, not a tiny baby. This weekend, my husband and his

This handmade Matryoshka project took about a week of evening sketching and painting, but the labor of love was well worth it! A little rainbow nesting doll set for my daughter was the result, and I hope she loves playing with it as much as I loved nesting dolls when I was a kid.

handmade gifts for toddlers - rainbow peg people matching game

Here’s another little gift I made for Anneliese. I haven’t really made much of an effort to hide them as I made them, because she’s a year old and doesn’t really “get” Christmas yet, so she has already seen them and has been VERY interested in playing with them. I’m excited to set them up

For a long time (since she has been sitting up), I’ve been meaning to create a treasure basket for Anneliese. Full of things that are beautiful to look at and touch, that feel different from each other (unlike her plastic toys, which all feel the same), things that are interesting for her to explore. Instead,

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