Sometimes, I post pictures of Anneliese’s lunches on Instagram and twitter, and I usually get a lot of comments like: “Wow, that looks great!” “Will you be my mom?” “Yum! I want to eat that.” “Does she really eat all of that stuff?” Let me respond. That’s because it IS great! Um… don’t hate me,

Cooking for myself and a toddler (while my husband is deployed) is SO different than cooking for all 3 of us. Especially since my husband takes leftovers to work for lunch. So I’ve been focusing on trying to make 3 categories of dinners for Anneliese and myself, to avoid eating the same leftovers for a

I guess I should’ve done something cute like dress in pink and hold a giant heart or something, but today it’s blue and just me. This is a fun project so far and it’s really making me reflect on THIS WEEK versus letting the whole “journey” blur together – I like that. About the banana

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