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The first day of Spring JUST finished, and it’s already happening. People are obsessing over Easter. Parents are making wish lists for their kids’ Easter baskets, planning to attend multiple outrageous easter egg hunts with 10,000 eggs “hidden” in plain sight, each. (Which you know just ends up with kids trampling each other and toddlers

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A lot of people I know have a pajama tradition for Christmas. Usually it’s a gift that each child can open on Christmas Eve — brand new exciting pajamas! I think most years my mom made my sisters and me matching pajamas, and I think the handmade-ness of it is kind of special. There’s nothing

I decided to make a few of these little travel coloring clutches for Anneliese and some of her toddler friends. I thought they would be easy to throw into a diaper bag or stroller to take along anywhere you might need a little distraction. A doctor’s appointment or a trip to the DMV or whatever.

This simple-to-make toy is sure to bring lots of “I Spy” scavenger hunting fun. Make yours themed, or make a more general one like mine. I’ll show you step-by-step how to craft your toddler game!

This handmade Matryoshka project took about a week of evening sketching and painting, but the labor of love was well worth it! A little rainbow nesting doll set for my daughter was the result, and I hope she loves playing with it as much as I loved nesting dolls when I was a kid.

handmade gifts for toddlers - rainbow peg people matching game

Here’s another little gift I made for Anneliese. I haven’t really made much of an effort to hide them as I made them, because she’s a year old and doesn’t really “get” Christmas yet, so she has already seen them and has been VERY interested in playing with them. I’m excited to set them up

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